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Public investment soars 52,4% in the second quarter

Investment in hospital equipment and military supplies drove public investment spending to 1.113,4 million euros. It is necessary to go back to the second quarter of 2011 to find a higher value in a second quarter of a year than that recorded between April and June this year.

Statistics Portugal reviews budget surplus from 0,2% to 0,1% in 2019

INE reveals that the budget surplus was after all 0,1% of GDP last year, having also revised the 2018 deficit to 0,3%.

Pandemic throws Portugal to budget deficit of 5,4% in the first half

The budget deficit in national accounts, which accounts for Brussels, reached 5,4% of GDP in the first six months of the year. The second quarter of the year was particularly penalizing with the deficit rising to 10,5% of GDP. Between April and June, expenditure on subsidies paid increased by 470,2% over the same period last year.

PSD postpones voting on changes to the nomination rules for BdP. PAN says it is “incomprehensible”

PSD asked for postponement of the discussion and voting, in particular, of the bill presented by the PAN that alters the rules for the appointment of the Governor of Banco de Portugal. PAN says that postponement is "incomprehensible" when there were "consensual" articles between the parties.

Deco defends changes in access to social tariffs after the suspension of cuts ends

The consumer protection association Deco issued today an alert to remember that the regime that prevents the suspension of essential services ends at the end of this month and to defend changes in access to social tariffs.

“Markets in Action”: “We have 'visitors' from all over the world in this year's edition in Smart Cities”, highlights AIP director-general

The “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020” runs until this Thursday at FIL and has JE as a 'media partner'. At 'Espaço Empresas' of the program “Mercados em Ação”, from the JE TV platform, Maria João Rocha de Matos, general director of AIP - Feiras Congresses e Eventos, explained what this event consists of.

How are the conferences resisting the crisis? Don't miss the interview with Maria João Rocha de Matos, general director of AIP - Feiras Congressos e Eventos

Maria João Rocha de Matos, general director of AIP - Feiras Congresses e Eventos, was at the 'Espaço Empresas' of the program “Mercados em Ação”, from the JE TV platform. In this interview he talked about how Lisbon continues to remain attractive to anyone who wants to exhibit, what the future of the conferences is and what is new in the 2020 edition of the “Portugal Smart Cities Summit”, which has JE as a 'media partner'.

Have questions about the lay-off? JE answers your questions

Are you in lay-off and want to see some of your doubts clarified? Send your question to and ask your question. See it answered in this article.

"Electric mobility has a strong argument: the urgency of decarbonization", defend experts at the "Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020"

One proof of the relevance of electric mobility is reflected in the numbers of sales of electric cars: "2,3 million sales by the end of this year" for this type of vehicle, according to Ryan Fisher of BloombergNEF.

“Electrification in transport is crucial”, guarantees Secretary of State for Mobility

Eduardo Pinheiro underlined the support that has been provided for the purchase of electric cars, as well as the reinforcement of 50 million euros in Soflusa's fleet. Position was known on the second day of the “Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020”, an event with “Jornal Económico” as a media partner.

BMW believes in electric cars but warns: “Internal combustion engines are still decades old”

The BMW representative considered that the focus for the future should be on electric cars, without forgetting the investment in cars with combustion engines, which in 2025 will still represent 70% of sales.

"It is mandatory to insist on the objectives of the European Ecological Pact", says Secretary of State for the Environment

Inês dos Santos Costa said this Wednesday that political and business decision makers, scientists and students have a responsibility to defend an environmentally responsible and socially inclusive economic model. Statements made at the 'Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2020, which runs until Thursday at the Lisbon Congress Center and which has Jornal Económico as a media partner.

ERSE guarantees to be available to help “overcome all barriers” in the transition to clean energy

The Director of Infrastructure and Networks of the Energy Services Regulatory Authority considers that innovation allows to guarantee “security of supply, competition and the sustainability of the planet through decarbonization”. Marta Ramires, one of those responsible for the law that created collective self-consumption and energy communities, called for agricultural units to rethink how to consume energy.

João Galamba: “Introduction of hydrogen increases the economic value of every euro invested in electricity”

The Assistant Secretary of State for Energy believes that there is a symbiotic relationship between electrification and green hydrogen. “If we were Poland, the Czech Republic or Saudi Arabia, the decisions would probably not be so simple, but Portugal does not produce coal and does not extract oil or gas. It's easier, ”he said, at the opening of the second day of the Portugal Smart Cities Summit.

The 4.0 revolution in the agrifood sector: opportunities for growth

All over the world, the success stories that demonstrate the impact of new technologies and information systems on the productivity and profitability of agricultural businesses, both in field operations and in the back-office, are multiplying.

"Not increasing the minimum wage in 2021 is a mistake", says TIMING's CEO

Ricardo Mariano, founder and CEO of Timing People - Temporary Work Company, confirmed the path that the human resources company has taken to date in Portugal and opened up the game regarding its strategy for the future.

Watch JE editors Talks: Financial Advisory Leaders here

Now see a live conversation with leaders in the financial advisory industry about the prospects for economic recovery and the challenges facing Portuguese companies.

The challenges of new leadership

The pandemic context in which we live has forced companies to adapt their work models overnight. What challenges are facing today's leaders at a time when they are forced to lead remotely?

Watch JE editors Talks: Financial Advisory Leaders tomorrow

In view of the uncertainty caused by the new coronavirus pandemic, find out what the financial advisory leaders think about the economic recovery and the challenges that economic agents will have to respond to.

MODTISSIMO brings together Portuguese textiles under the sign of trust and optimism

With a date set for the next 23 and 24 of September, MODTISSIMO promises to bring together in Alfândega do Porto the cream of the Portuguese textile and clothing industry, attracting professional buyers from various foreign markets. After months of contingency, the event has more than 100 exhibitors, seeking to speed up the recovery.
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Wall Street opens up ahead of industrial sector data

At the opening of this session, the S&P 500 rises 0,09%, the industrial Dow Jones rises 0,46%, and the technological Nasdaq, the only one in negative territory, depreciates 0,35%.

There are 25 million European companies using Facebook tools: "Majority use it for free", says social network

This week Mark Zuckerberg threatened to leave his social networks in the European Union. The company guarantees, however, that it is committed to the economic recovery of the Member States. "The personalized advertising model is that it allows us to give these tools free of charge and brings equal conditions," says Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs for the company.

Investments in the ports of the Azores will amount to 400 million euros

The Government of the Republic has decided to assume 85% of all costs related to recovering the damage from Hurricane Lorenzo.

Unions reject proposal for 0,2% increase in bank wages

"Increase of 0,2%? No thank you". It is in this way that the Union of Central Bankers (SBC) and Mais Sindicato (ex-SBSI) signal that they rejected the proposal for salary increases presented by credit institutions in the last negotiating session.

SNQTB says possible reduction of Montepio workers is of “magnitude never seen in Europe”

The union president, Paulo Marcos, said that the union received, last week, a call for a meeting with the executive committee of Banco Montepio, which will take place tomorrow, anticipating that one of the items on the agenda may be the structuring of the bank.

European Commission approves purchase of Rovensa by groups from Switzerland and the United Kingdom

The acquisitions were handled by Partners Group AG in Switzerland and Bridgepoint Group Limited in the United Kingdom.

5G “is more than playing with technologies”, highlights former Secretary of State

Maria Manuel Leitão Marques classifies 5G as a “new technology indispensable for many services and industries of the future”, stressing that “those who do not have their infrastructure prepared“ will be left behind ”.

Santander Portugal administrator to lead the Group's Digital Agenda in Europe

Isabel Guerreiro has been responsible for the digital transformation and innovation of the bank in our country. It is now also up to "ensure convergence and avoid duplication of investments" on the continent.

Carlos Moedas: "Probability of the UK leaving without an agreement is very high"

Despite the new decision by Boris Johnson that seems to cause a setback in a European agreement, Carlos Moedas argues that the “Brussels machine knows what to do in the day after”, as well as what will be affected. "Everything is prepared but despite being prepared, the shake is strong because none of this makes sense", the former European commissioner reacted.

Transparency and Integrity wants BdP to disclose audit findings to EuroBIC

Cited in a statement, the executive director of Transparency and Integrity expresses “a lot of concern” with the fact that “preventing money laundering and terrorist financing in the financial sector is not a priority for Portugal”.

Deco defends changes in access to social tariffs after the suspension of cuts ends

The consumer protection association Deco issued today an alert to remember that the regime that prevents the suspension of essential services ends at the end of this month and to defend changes in access to social tariffs.

Exceptional and temporary rights to essential services expire on 30 September

For all invoices that are in arrears since March 13, the consumer will be able to request a payment plan in monthly installments, without interest, which can start only in the month of November.

Prohibition to cut power supply ends on the 30th, says ERSE

ERSE warns consumers who are in one of these situations, and have overdue invoices, that “they should contact the electricity and natural gas supplier in order to request a payment plan in installments.

Tecnológica Didimo receives investment of 1 million euros

The Porto startup, which is dedicated to creating “digital humans”, received in December a financing of more than 6 million euros. The new round was behind Armilar Venture Partners, Bright Pixel and PME Investimentos.

Clevermee challenges children to learn math online: “We are below average in teaching the subject. Something is not right ”

The startup will soon receive a new investment of 100 thousand euros, the CEO told Jornal Económico. “A child who thinks that math is bad will be an adult who makes academic and professional decisions based on that idea”, says Mário Coelho.

CTT partners with startup Offcoustic to install telephone booths in offices

The postal operator is responsible for the sale, transport and assembly of “phone booths” in companies that are resuming their face-to-face activity.

International competition for the construction of the Sintra Hospital will be launched

The Municipality of Sintra approved the launch of the international tender for the construction of the Sintra hospital in the amount of 40,4 million euros plus VAT.

Lisbon will have new health centers in Marvila and Benfica

The construction of the new family health units in Marvila and Benfica has already started and the new units will serve around 22 thousand and 30 thousand users, respectively, in an investment of 3,2 M €.

Brazil: Othon Palace Hotel Belo Horizonte Building goes to auction online

On the 6th of October the online auction of the imposing property takes place, where Othon Palace Hotel Belo Horizonte has been operating for 40 years. The basic bidding price is 30 million Reais (4,7 million Euros)

Economic crisis has not yet impacted the real estate sector but the effects will be felt

Rentrée 2020: Eduardo Garcia e Costa, President KW Portugal, reveals that in an economic crisis, no one can accurately predict when, how and with what intensity these effects will be felt.

Mota Engil sells stake in Loures and Ilha Terceira hospitals

The Mota Engil group announced today that it has reached an agreement with Horizon Equity Partners to sell the stakes in two hospital concessions in Portugal, for 21 million euros.

Public Works Contests this year set a record for the past decade

Until the end of August, public works tenders promoted reached 3.422 million euros, 20% above the same period last year and at historic highs since 2010.

Sintra to launch international tender for the construction of the new hospital

Sintra's new hospital will have an outpatient clinic, basic emergency service and convalescence unit, 19 specialties and the capacity to attend 60 emergencies annually. Sintra content will launch an international tender for the construction of the new hospital appears first in Saúde Online.

About 3% of babies in Portugal are conceived using treatments

APFertilidade and the Portuguese Society of Reproductive Medicine (SPMR), with the support of Merck, launch a campaign to encourage couples not to stop dreaming about parenting. The content About 3% of babies in Portugal are conceived using treatments appears first in Saúde Online.

"It is already very difficult to say that we are not in a second wave"

The director of the São João Urgent Management and Intensive Care Unit says that young people did not realize "the fundamental role" they had. Hospital has five levels of contingency. The content “It is already very difficult to say that we are not in a second wave” appears first in Saúde Online.

Tobacco is responsible for one in five deaths from cardiovascular disease

About 1.9 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease caused by tobacco, according to a WHO report. Experts call for people to stop smoking. Tobacco content is responsible for one in five deaths from cardiovascular disease appears first in Saúde Online.

Respiratory patients will have their own areas in emergency rooms and health centers

Covid or non-Covid patients with respiratory symptoms will be referred to their own areas. Experts consider that the plan should have been presented three months ago. The content Respiratory patients will have their own areas in emergencies and health centers appear first in Saúde Online.

Autumn-Winter Health Plan foresees task-force to respond to non-Covid patients

Task-force aims to maximize response to non-Covid patients in PHC, ensuring care, surveillance, screening. The Autumn-Winter Health Plan content provides a task force to respond to non-Covid patients appears first in Saúde Online.

Isabel dos Santos manager complains to regulators about Sonangol's fake contract in 2005

The former adviser to businesswoman Isabel dos Santos at Sonangol complained about a “false contract” that would have hurt the Angolan oil company by 193 million euros in 2005.

Former Health Minister argues that it is necessary to “act quickly” in relation to rapid tests

“I believe that, at this moment, it is necessary in this area to be agile and act quickly”, defended Adalberto Campos Fernandes, who was Minister of Health between 2015 and 2018.
Inês de Medeiros

Inês de Medeiros says statements about social neighborhood were out of context

The Mayor of Almada said today that her statements about Bairro Amarelo came in response to a question asked by Bloco de Esquerda (BE), considering that they were decontextualized due to the "approach of the elections".
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