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Cape Verde banks ordered to extend credit default until September

Beneficiary entities that on February 01, 2021 are "covered by any of the measures of the regime, benefit from the supplementary and automatic extension of these measures for a period of eight months", until September 30, 2021.

President of Cape Verde still without “definitive position” on the date of the legislative and presidential elections

Explaining all the legal contours, the hypotheses advanced by all these entities and the delays in the census process in the diaspora, the President said that he still does not have a “definitive position” and that he will “ponder” and in the next few days he will announce the data.

Cape Verde starts tourist resumption with charter from Poland

Cape Verde received the first charter flight after the long period of confinement. It was from Poland and had 167 passengers on board.

Cape Verdean savings in banks grew more than 8% with the pandemic

In March, these savings deposits amounted to 6.847 million escudos (62,3 million euros).

New president of the Cape Verdean Association of Lisbon promises to defend the community

Filomena Vicente, who took office on November 23, after a contested election that led to three recounts of the votes, is the second woman to preside over the destinies of the emblematic Cape Verdean institution, after Alcestina Tolentino, more than a decade ago.

Bank of Cape Verde renews measures to mitigate impact of the crisis

The Cape Verdean central bank maintained the policy rate at 0,25%, the rate on the marginal lending facility at 0,50%, the rate on the permanent liquidity-absorbing facility at 0,05% and the discount rate in 1%.

Portugal donates 75 euros to Cape Verde to purchase personal protective equipment

“This support is part of the Action Plan on the Sanitary Response to the Pandemic 19 covenant between Portugal and the PALOP and Timor-Leste”, says the embassy.

Brussels contributes 17 million euros to sustainable tourism in Cape Verde

The European Union and the archipelago government believe that investment in ports and sustainability will trigger “positive dynamics” in various economic sectors on the island of Maio, “such as cattle raising, fishing and transport”.

Privatizations in the maritime economy in Cape Verde postponed to 2021

“In March, we had no idea how long the pandemic would last, we still have this uncertainty and we don't know what impact it will have even on investors who had expressed interest and we thought it would be good to postpone this until after the pandemic”, said Minister Paulo Veiga.

Vaccines help Cape Verde and Angola but outlook in Africa is bleak, says Capital Economics

Capital Economics analysts say that the distribution of covid-19 vaccines will “probably be much slower in Africa than in many other parts of the world and the 'vaccine boost' in domestic economic activity is also likely to be reduced, but countries that will benefit most are the main exporters of raw materials and economies dependent on tourism ”.

Africa with 932 more deaths from Covid-19 recorded in 24 hours

In the last 24 hours, Africa recorded an additional 932 deaths from covid-19, reaching a total of 77.684, and 30.855 new cases of infection, according to the latest official pandemic data on the continent.

Cape Verde appoints managers of the Sovereign Private Investment Guarantee Fund

The board of directors is composed of three specialists from the financial sector, with Adalgisa Barbosa Vaz as the chairman.

Rui Figueiredo Soares is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Cape Verde

The current Minister of Regional Integration of Cape Verde starts to accumulate this Thursday with the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense, after the resignation of Luís Filipe Tavares, due to the controversy involving the Chega party.

Cape Verde's Prime Minister guarantees that Government has no ties to Chega 

“Neither this Government, nor the party that supports it [MpD], has any relationship of affinity or sympathy with Chega-type parties! in Portugal, nor parties with a similar ideological logic, ”said Ulisses Correia e Silva.

Consul associated with Chega. Cape Verdean minister says resignation was to “save” the country from “wear and tear”

"I also relied on information about it obtained from independent and credible sources," said the resigning Cape Verdean Foreign Minister, Luís Filipe Tavares.

There are already dates for the elections in Cape Verde 

The African archipelago will have legislative elections on April 18 and presidential elections on October 17.
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