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More than 100 students are stranded on two Cape Verde islands

The Cape Verdean Ministry of Education reported that it authorized FICASE to transfer, directly to the beneficiaries' bank account, five thousand escudos (45 euros) of subsidy, "to help them overcome this difficult moment".

Foreign investment in Cape Verde grew 3,2% in 2019

FDI in Cape Verde was led by Spain and with a strong retraction from Portugal.

More than 2.500 domestic workers without a contract in Cape Verde will receive subsidy

“Considering that domestic workers and domestic service providers not enrolled in the social protection system, prevented from providing their work due to the declaration of a state of emergency, were left without an income that could guarantee the satisfaction of basic needs in terms of food, access to health, family income and care ”, justifies the Cape Verdean Government on this decision.

Fitch lowers Cape Verde's rating and predicts recession of 14% this year

The financial rating agency lowered the rating from Cape Verde to B-, with the prospect of a “stable” evolution.

Developing countries owe $ 31 billion by the end of the year

The body representing private creditors worldwide says that these are the amounts to be paid by the end of the year by these countries, out of a total of around 500 billion dollars, around 461 billion euros, of debt these countries have.

Cape Verdean businessmen's confidence in minima of almost four years

Overall, from the last quarter of 2019 to the first of 2020, this indicator went from a positive index of 15 points, to a negative value of about eight points.

Cape Verde wants to recover tourists with health security program

“A country like Cape Verde must prepare, quickly, to adapt to the transformations already underway. However, it is certain that rapid and profound changes are always an opportunity that is offered to societies and countries ”, said the deputy prime minister.

Cabo Verde Airlines increased passengers by 136% after entering Icelanders

“After the successful privatization of CVA, the implementation of the 'hub' strategy in Sal, to connect four continents, showed an immediate increase in the number of passengers. This successful growth continued throughout 2019, ”explained chairman and executive director Erlendur Svavarsson.

UNECA wants to pool African debt to negotiate with creditors

The plan being drawn up by the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, among other institutions, aims to exchange countries' sovereign debt for new concessional bonds that can prevent the funds needed to combat Covid-19 from being used to pay creditors.

Cape Verde's exports to fall 40% this year, central bank estimates

The 'stock' of the country's net international reserves is also expected to decrease, as a result, from 72.913 to 63.556 million escudos, still guaranteeing, due to the projected fall in imports, about seven months of projected goods and services imports for 2020.

Health officials point to disease stagnation in Cape Verde

“The data points to this trend [of stagnation]. We are maintaining more or less the same number of tests over these days, these weeks, and the data of positive cases give us that indication ”, analyzed the Cape Verdean Health official.
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Cape Verde creates life insurance of 27 thousand euros for health workers

The announcement was made by the Minister of State, Fernando Elísio Freire, at a press conference in Praia, to make known the decisions of the Council of Ministers.

Cape Verdean Parliament returns to monthly debate with PM two months later

In accordance with the agenda for the second ordinary session of parliament, convened for May 27-29, a debate with the Prime Minister is again scheduled, as provided for in the parliamentary regulations.

Number of ships in Cape Verde's ports halved in April

With the declaration of a state of emergency in Cape Verde, which came into force on March 29 and lasted for almost the entire month of April, air and sea connections between the nine inhabited islands of the archipelago were suspended.

Emprofac has already launched 64 thousand masks 'made in' Cape Verde

“Right now, the ones we received, 64 community masks, have already delivered everything, including pharmacies and public services”, guaranteed Fernando Gil Évora, chairman of the company's board of directors.

Covid-19 cases in Cape Verde increase to 349

In the municipality of Praia, of the 131 samples analyzed, 14 gave a positive result for covid-19, bringing the total of the Cape Verdean capital to an accumulated of 282 cases.
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