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Angola creates multisectoral commission to prepare CPLP presidency

The commission, responsible for preparing the program for the Angolan presidency and the respective budget, starts its work six months before it starts - whose date has yet to be defined - and ends three months after the transfer of portfolios to the new leadership.

European Union has already supported Cape Verde with almost 19 million euros

In addition to these disbursements in the context of the pandemic, Ambassador Sofia Moreira de Sousa said that the European Union continues to work with many projects of “considerable values”, with civil society and with several Cape Verdean institutions.

Cape Verde extends lay-off regime until December 31

In the new version, workers will be able to perform activities, at the “request of the employer”, up to a limit of 40% of the workload and can only be called for the “usual duties performed” and does not confer any additional payment to the established.

IMF improves forecast of GDP drop in Africa to 3%

The region is expected to post negative 3% growth, better than the 4,4% recession forecast in April, and slightly better than the June update of the report, which pointed to a 3,2% drop in gross domestic product .

Cape Verde ports with first passenger drop in five months

Porto da Praia, the capital of the country, registered a share of 3,4% of the total, with a movement of 2.339 passengers, practically half of the registered in August, indicates the report.

Cape Verde prices unchanged for the second consecutive month

Since the beginning of the year, the cumulative rate of change of the Cape Verdean CPI has remained negative, reflecting an overall drop in prices of - 0,5%, a value 1,1 percentage points lower than the same period in 2019.

CVA must be resized in workers and airplanes, defends Cape Verdean government

The perspective is in the supporting documents for the 2021 State Budget bill. Since Monday, Cape Verde has reopened the archipelago to international commercial flights, something that has not happened since March 18.

Cape Verdean government wants to renegotiate maritime connections concession contract

The Cape Verdean Government admits next year to renegotiate the concession contract for the public inter-passenger and cargo transportation service, assumed since 2019 by CV Interilhas, led by the Portuguese company Transinsular.

Tourist demand for Cape Verde is expected to fall to 2005 levels this year

The forecast, which aggravates the previous estimate, is contained in the documents supporting the 2021 State Budget bill, on the day the archipelago reopens the four international airports to commercial flights from abroad, suspended since March 18 to contain the transmission of covid-19.

Energy and Climate Forum to create an observatory for Portuguese-speaking countries 

“What we are doing (…) is a very important sample of data and information collection, in order to promote the gathering of this information in this observatory, in order to transmit to science and to society in general a greater knowledge about the problem of changes change ”, said Ricardo Campos

Cape Verdean makes surfboards in Portugal and wants to boost sport in the archipelago

Joselito told the Lusa agency that he worked in workshops, beat plates, mechanics and painting, before coming to Portugal in 2012. Dexterity with his hands helped him with his first job, in a board factory.

Cape Verde registers the lowest number of infections in 35 days

The African archipelago has recorded 28 more positive cases of Covid-19 in the past 24 hours.

Italian businessman elected on the Cape Verdean island of Boa Vista

Sérgio Corrá, 59 years old and living since 1997 on the Cape Verdean island of Boa Vista, made history by being elected deputy to the local municipal assembly, leading the list of the Popular Party.

Voting has become as normal an act as breathing in Cape Verde, says President

Speaking to journalists, after voting at one of the polling stations in the city of Praia, the head of state recalled that Cape Verde has already held six presidential and six legislative elections, today being the day of the eighth municipal elections, stressing that this is already “a a sign of democratic experience and maturity ”in the country.

Polling stations for municipal elections in Cape Verde have already opened. More than 330 thousand Cape Verdeans go to the polls today

The opening of polling stations takes place one hour before the usual time in previous elections, one of the measures of the contingency plan defined by the National Election Commission (CNE) of Cape Verde due to the covid-19 pandemic, and the admission of voters may until 18:30 (19:30 in Lisbon).

Cape Verde ratifies African Continental Free Trade Agreement

Cape Verde's accession to the AfCFTA was ratified last February by the Cape Verdean parliament, and the agreement aims to create a free trade zone in the 55 countries of the African Union.
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