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Portugal and Cape Verde open air corridor for essential flights

After 15 repatriation flights in the last few months, which included stranded tourists, the two countries are now opening the scope of the connections, with essential connections, due to illness, business, studies, professionals, officials and family members.

Cape Verdean government cuts 25% of investment in cruise terminal in São Vicente

The terminal should allow 200 thousand cruise tourists to receive annually.

Masks discarded on the streets in Cape Verde worry environmentalists

“One of the first things that alerted us about the use of masks was this issue of pollution, because many people still don't have that culture of cleaning, of not throwing garbage on the floor”, began by telling the Lusa agency, César Freitas, a member of the Movement Against Pollution in Cape Verde.

More than 10% of the Cape Verdean military's budget is to update salaries

According to the draft law of the Amending State Budget, which within a week returns to the National Assembly for final vote, the Armed Forces have a slight increase in the allocation for 2020, which now amounts to 10,3 million euros .

Cape Verde's Prime Minister says sustainable development is “one of the country's biggest challenges”

"It is about trusting in our capabilities, in Cape Verdeans and in what we can do, particularly to overcome this period," said Ulisses Correia e Silva, in the context of the celebrations of the 45th anniversary of Cape Verde's independence.

Cape Verde uses 3% of new budget to strengthen SNS

The largest share of this appropriation, worth 600 million escudos (5,5 million euros) is reserved for the purchase of an “emergency plane”.

World Bank finances Cape Verde with US $ 25 million

The World Bank will provide Cape Verde with an additional loan of US $ 25 million this month to finance efforts to overcome the health and economic crisis.

Businessman Alex Saab returns to jail in Sal for security reasons

Alex Saab, detained in Cape Verde at the request of the United States, who considers him to be Nicolás Maduro's forehead, was transferred to prison on the island of Sal, claiming the court for security reasons.

Pandemic cuts 4 million euros to sovereign bodies in Cape Verde

The cuts provided for in the Amending Budget proposal affect the National Assembly, the Prime Minister's office and the Presidency of the Republic, at the level of provisional appropriations for personnel, “suspending unsuccessful recruitment competitions, as well as overtime”, but also on fuel and other expenses "of a non-mandatory nature".

Cape Verde optimistic about the approval of the mobility agreement at CPLP

The Cape Verdean head of state, who is the acting president of the CPLP, said he was optimistic about the approval of the mobility dossier in the Portuguese-speaking community.

Portugal grants moratorium to Cape Verde and São Tomé and Príncipe on direct loans

The adoption of this measure of suspension of the payment of principal and interest will determine a negotiation, until September, of moratorium agreements with these two African countries with Portuguese as an official language, and the establishment of a new plan and conditions for loans, the Government says.

Bank of Cape Verde expects to sell headquarters and buildings for more than 3,2 million euros

The administration of Banco de Cabo Verde (BCV) clarified this Monday that the sale of the current headquarters and two more buildings in Praia will be made for more than 3,2 million euros, according to an expert assessment of the properties.

Cabo Verde Airlines in danger of disappearing

The Cape Verdean deputy prime minister, Olavo Correia, said that, without State intervention, Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA) “will disappear”.

Paulo Macedo says he closes sale of the bank in Cape Verde soon and postpones 'sine die' sale in Brazil

This sale of the shareholding in Banco Comercial do Atlântico was provided for in CGD's strategic plan for 2017-2020 negotiated with DGComp in Brussels. The bank of Brazil, on the other hand, will not be sold within the term established in the agreement with the European Commission.

PremiumPrime Minister of Cape Verde: "Foreign aid must prevent the collapse of vulnerable countries"

Cape Verdean Prime Minister says that the Government is extending measures to protect jobs, companies and incomes.

Cape Verde's amending budget was approved with a 13% reduction

The proposal, presented by the MP of the MpD and chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Assembly, Austelino Correia, foresees revenues of 871 million escudos (7,9 million euros), minus 13% of the initial budget, which was 995 million euros escudos (9 million euros)
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