Can Portuguese football be confined again? See the “Economic Game”

In this edition of the Economic Game, we have the presence of Gustavo Tato Borges, vice-president of the National Association of Public Health Doctors, who, among other issues, will clarify what risks we run, in terms of public health, with the maintenance of professional health soccer.

French league seeks new deal for television rights after break with Mediapro

French football was without its main television partner, trusting that Canal + would fill the vacancy left, something that did not materialize. The broadcaster, through its executive director Maxime Saada, announced that it not only renounced the purchase of the rights that were in the hands of Mediapro, but also informed that it was going to return to LFP the transmission agreement of two games per day (lot 3) that currently transmits, in exchange for 330 million euros a year.

FC Barcelona account on TikTok helped club get closer to fans

For the sixth consecutive year, the Catalan club leads in 'likes', comments and shares.

Wanda Sports reinforces its commitment to cycling and guarantees the television rights of two important events

After the agreement, Infront, a company owned by Wanda Sports, will take over from France's Eurosport, which held the rights to both cycling competitions. Likewise, Infront's emission allowances in Europe will not take effect until 2022, but may do so from this year outside the old continent.

Japanese government invites International Olympic Committee to draw up a “plan B” for the Tokyo Olympic Games

Taro Kono, Japan's minister of administration and government reform, gives voice to his fellow citizens' doubts about the celebration of the Olympic Games, prompting him to ask the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to draw up a "Plan B".

Portuguese football will centralize the sale of television rights

The Portuguese championship intends to follow the steps previously taken by other European competitions. This system has helped to multiply the value of television rights, making this source of revenue a fundamental pillar for many clubs in the Premier League, which in many cases represents more than 80% of ordinary revenue.
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