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Where should we start in Real Estate Investment?

Where should we start in real estate investing? João Raposo, director of the Reorganiza Group, explains in detail what steps he should take if he is considering this type of investment.

Eurozone house prices rose 4,9% in the third quarter

In relation to the previous quarter, the biggest increases were seen in Hungary (5,2%,), Denmark (4,2%) and Latvia (3,7%), while the most significant decreases were observed in Cyprus (4,8 %), Romania (2,6%), Italy (2,5%) and Croatia (0,6%).

Tourism crisis triggers 67% house rental

In turn, the price of apartments for sale increased by an average of 6% to 2.146 euros \ m2. With the exception of Viseu, which fell 4,62%, all districts registered a price increase last year.

IHRU allocated 1,5 million euros in support to 748 families in 2020

Number of supported families represents an increase of 32% over the previous year. Between April and December, the entity received 3.076 requests for support for the payment of housing rent, relating to 2.370 families.

The future has already arrived at the offices

Employees underline the need to return to interpersonal contact and the productivity gains that this brings, in addition to improving personal and social experience.

Most wanted properties in the middle of a pandemic. Renting a villa in Beja is over two thousand euros

Buying a house in Faro can cost 642 thousand euros and renting a 2 bedroom apartment in Lisbon can cost almost 1.300 euros.
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