Catalonian government postpones parliamentary elections

The elections were scheduled for February 14 and passed for May 30. In view of the evidence of the probability of the abstention winning, the executive decided not to "question the legitimacy of the process".

Donald Trump will leave Washington hours before Biden's investiture

Donald Trump, who had announced on Friday that he would not be attending Joe Biden's investiture ceremony, will fly to his club in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, from where he will be expected to watch Biden's swearing-in on the television. of some advisors.

"Everything went wrong". Scandal with family allowances leads to resignation of the Government of the Netherlands

After the scandal involving thousands of families falsely accused of fraud in the payment of allowances was known, Mark Rutte's executive ended up resigning, despite the fact that the Prime Minister initially expressed the opposite intention. The Government will now be in management until the March elections.

Multimillionaires are 1 billion dollars richer and counter the fall of the global economy

With a forecast of 4,4% GDP contraction in 2020 and world economies sinking considerably, multimillionaires have seen their fortunes grow by several billion euros.

Japanese government invites International Olympic Committee to draw up a “plan B” for the Tokyo Olympic Games

Taro Kono, Japan's minister of administration and government reform, gives voice to his fellow citizens' doubts about the celebration of the Olympic Games, prompting him to ask the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to draw up a "Plan B".

Capitol Invasion. Pro-Trump supporters intended to “capture and kill” politicians

The Justice Department has more than 80 criminal cases underway regarding the invasion of the Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump.
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