The ECB and post-pandemic inflation

Christine Lagarde has issued a warning to governments and “hawks” within the ECB: the eventual rise in inflation, after the end of confinement, cannot serve to justify an anticipation of the withdrawal of monetary stimuli. If this scenario occurs, the ECB should make it clear that it is willing to tolerate a little inflation for some time without disturbing monetary stimuli. For Portugal and other more fragile countries, this clarification will be essential.

Who created Donald Ventura?

In the political battle, pointing the blame at the wrong opponent is dangerous, because the other competitor, the real culprit who plays dirty, comes out unscathed and ready to do more damage. It should not be necessary to explain this to some politicians.

Abuses of power

In the United States with Trump, in Portugal with two journalists. There are powers that need to be framed and others that need to be more courageous and less corporate.

Extractive institutions fight scrutiny

A country dominated by extractive institutions is condemned to poverty and those detest any kind of scrutiny, even if it only calls into question the smallest of the countless losses they cause.

The significance for Europe of the agreement with China

The agreement highlights two compelling realities: when the interests of the USA and Europe do not coincide, Europe will follow its path; it is possible for different political regimes to cooperate and coexist without destroying themselves.

Europe and unanimism

Should a Portuguese Presidency of the European Union compel all political forces to a commitment of loyalty, concealing differences, so as not to jeopardize the country's external image?
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