Dwelling in the pandemic and the idea of ​​home

Inequality becomes a more crude reality when confined in our homes so unequal. Are the conditions for work and study at home guaranteed to be required? This kind of uberization of our homes, by contingency decree, is felt very unevenly and requires a response of solidarity.

Portuguese food: post-pandemic challenges

Covid-19 ended up accelerating trends that were coming from behind and forced the transformation of the current food into a more robust and resilient production and consumption system, prepared to respond to future global systemic risks.

The rise of "bonsai" financial markets

Large investment funds are awakening to the principles of sustainable investment, not only for the environmental issue, but also for social responsibility and corporate governance. The size of the ESG investment market is therefore expected to continue to grow significantly.

What is Euro Digital for?

Euro Digital has enormous potential advantages for central banks, and is not without risk for banks and other players in the financial system in general. Participating in the public consultation and contributing to the discussion is therefore important.

The city and the pandemic - the importance of making places

The “back to basics” that the new normal gives to everyday life means sacrificing what the city offers besides work and rest: cafes and cinemas, shows, arts, but also sports, cultural events in general. Not being vital for survival, they are essential for making places.

State, religion and pandemic: cooperation or illiteracy?

In the impossibility of gathering together for worship, the different Catholic communities, and other confessions, started to spread celebrations without the physical presence of the communities, through social networks. The phenomenon has been read in a plural way: some see here the trail of the destruction of communities and the dissolution of ritual experience; others prefer to read this unprecedented experience as an opportunity to build new networks of sociability.
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