Deputies still do not know who are the candidates to work with European prosecutor José Guerra

The European Affairs Committee of the Assembly of the Republic will inquire as of Tuesday four candidates for the two posts of European delegated prosecutor. Questions are expected about their opinion of José Guerra's controversial choice.

Marcelo: “I heard praise from the President of the European Commission at the beginning of the Portuguese presidency of the EU”

The President of the Republic said that, in the meeting with Ursula von der Leyen, the European leader said that she “expects a lot” from the Portuguese presidency, because there is a fight against the pandemic to continue and “many fronts” to follow.
André Ventura e Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa em debate

Marcelo had 630 thousand more spectators in the debates, but Ventura gave more audiences to direct opponents

Current President of the Republic was the candidate who had the most debates broadcast on generalist channels, which contributed to his advantage. Chega's leader, Ana Gomes, Marisa Matias and João Ferreira had four debates each on RTP1, SIC or TVI.

PSD questions Government about "significant delays" in the allocation of CGA pensions

The Social Democrats believe that the Socialist Executive must take measures to end the delays in processing pensions and “adjust the IT system of the Caixa Geral de Aposentações (CGA)” so as not to create “even more anxiety in the citizens”.

Ursula and Costa call for the rapid approval of parliaments of the resolution that allows to proceed with debt issuance

The prime minister also urged countries to move quickly with the ratification of the own resources decision. "Each national parliament must urgently approve," said António Costa this Friday.

António Costa wants to operationalize “all instruments” conceived during the German presidency

Prime Minister says that it is necessary to ensure that financial support to States, companies and families "does take place" and that the European 'bazooka' is "fired".
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