Oncology Society warns that "cancer does not wait at home"

“The campaign aims to raise awareness among the population to be attentive to symptoms that may be related to the diagnosis of cancer, so that people do not fail to seek medical help”, says the president of SPO, Ana Raimundo, stressing that, if it is necessary to do a diagnosis, it should be done “as early as possible”, avoiding more advanced stages of the disease.

"Psychological impacts of a new confinement will be increasingly greater", warns Bastonário dos Psicólogos

At a time when the pandemic is getting worse, the country is preparing to enter a second confinement. Unemployment and loss of income may lead to situations of depression, stress and anxiety in a large part of the Portuguese population. The President of the Order of Psychologists recognizes the improvements in the NHS as regards psychological support, but warns that “the answer remains insufficient”.

British study indicates that immunity after infection lasts at least five months

One piece of evidence that was worrying to scientists was that people who were re-infected had high levels of the virus, even though they had no symptoms, and were at greater risk of transmissibility to others.

Covid-19: Johnson & Johnson vaccine is safe and effective, first results show

Phase 1 and 2 clinical trials have shown good indications regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine, which is seen as very promising because it is administered in a single dose, as opposed to inoculations from Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca.

Covid-19: SNS warns of the circulation of false messages about vaccination

The National Health Service has warned of a fraudulent text message that has been sent to various citizens, asking that it be ignored.

Moderna vaccines have arrived in Portugal

Moderna's vaccine was approved by the European Medicines Agency and Portugal is expected to receive 227 doses by the end of March.
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