Joint Commission proposes to debate the adequacy of the Informal Caregiver Statute to reality and the law

The Statute of Informal Caregiver (ECI) must be analyzed and debated by the monitoring committee of this measure to assess its suitability to reality, its consistency with national legislation and also allow a proposal for improvement.

PGR opens inquiry into European prosecutor's case

“Following a complaint filed by the Portuguese Bar Association and anonymous complaint, an investigation was launched,” an official source from the Attorney General's Office replied to Jornal Económico.

Too Good To Go has already 'saved' more than 350 thousand meals from waste in Portugal

This number of reused meals is equivalent to almost 900 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) that were not released into the atmosphere, in case those meals were wasted.

Amazon and Walmart change return policy and will allow customers to keep some products

When the return processing does not compensate the companies, the solution is to allow the customer to keep what he bought, urging him to donate it if he is not going to use it because he is not satisfied. The strategy was, unsurprisingly, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, which sparked online shopping.

'Employment Interior Mais' program has already received 740 applications

So far 77 applications have been approved, which means that 222 people have already moved to interior territories and have benefited from this State support. The amount of support approved amounts to 230 thousand euros.

What does the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the EU mean

This Friday, the President of the European Commission will visit Portugal on Friday, under the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union. What does this presidency mean in practice?
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