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Portugal misses target of 40% and TdC criticizes Manuel Heitor for “insufficiencies in the adopted measures”

The Court of Auditors asks the Ministry of Higher Education to ensure that public policy measures integrate “operational plans with the appropriate details for their implementation”. It also asks for “transparency and detail” in the budget plan and to explain the contribution of the HEI to the goals of the Legislature Contract.

SNESup wants priority access to vaccine for teachers of higher education

Mariana Gaio Alves, president of the National Union of Higher Education, told Jornal Económico that she will appeal to health authorities to consider teachers as priority, due to the fact that they are not telecommuting.

Technology professionals reveal optimism about new job opportunities in 2021

Most of these technicians are motivated by challenging and interesting projects, excellent remuneration and benefits, and flexible work. As for the preferred work styles for these professionals, the top 3 would be the possibility of flexible hours, better use of technologies, apps and tools, and 100% remote work.

Independent Teachers and Educators Union: "We do not agree with the decision not to close schools"

SIPE says that the Government opted for “partial confinement”, since two million children and young people continue to move freely and fears that the economic, psychological and social sacrifices of the Portuguese “are of no use”.

FNE wants the school community to “the highest possible priority for vaccination”

National Education Federation says that keeping schools open requires adequate measures, such as systematic tests that allow monitoring and detecting all infection situations that may be registered.

Fenprof: “It is not enough to say that schools will be open”

Mário Nogueira, the secretary general of the National Federation of Teachers, reacted to the Prime Minister's announcement by demanding the inclusion of teachers in the vaccine priority group, as well as testing in schools, among others.
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