Cabo Verde Airlines in danger of disappearing

The Cape Verdean deputy prime minister, Olavo Correia, said that, without State intervention, Cabo Verde Airlines (CVA) “will disappear”.

PremiumPrime Minister of Cape Verde: "Foreign aid must prevent the collapse of vulnerable countries"

Cape Verdean Prime Minister says that the Government is extending measures to protect jobs, companies and incomes.

Angolan activists denounce attempted fraud with children and request for donations to Portugal

At stake is a fundraiser for donations for about 200 abandoned children with health problems, who would be in a shed on the outskirts of Luanda and whose exact location the alleged benefactors refused to provide the television station “SIC”, which issued a report on the subject matter.

Cape Verde's amending budget was approved with a 13% reduction

The proposal, presented by the MP of the MpD and chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Assembly, Austelino Correia, foresees revenues of 871 million escudos (7,9 million euros), minus 13% of the initial budget, which was 995 million euros escudos (9 million euros)

Portugal available to cooperate with Cape Verde to recover from the crisis

Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs speaks of the African archipelago as a "strategic partner".

More than 20 Cape Verdean companies received € XNUMX million in support of treasury

With tourism totally stopped since March, a sector that represents 25% of the country's GDP, the government official assumes that during the year 2020, Cape Verdean companies “should paralyze or drastically reduce their productive activity, with a sharp reduction in turnover and tightening. of treasury ”.
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