Media Capital lost 14,4 million in the first half, as a result of the pandemic and lower audiences

TVI's proprietary group suffered a 36% decline in revenues, caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the loss of leadership to SIC in generalist television audiences. Media Capital believes in recovery and promises to reinforce content in September.

PremiumCanned food wants to replace 200 million imports

An ongoing campaign to promote canning consumption is expected to increase sales by about 5%, reveals José Maria Freitas, president of ANICP - National Association of Canned Fish Industry, in an interview with Jornal Económico.

Profit of oil company Saudi Aramco falls 50% in the first half to 19,7 billion euros

Oil company Saudi Aramco reached $ 23,2 billion (about 19,7 billion euros) in profit in the first half of this year, 50% less than in the same period in 2019, penalized by the covid-19 pandemic.

Only 2,7% of the Competition Authority's fines have been paid since 2004

One of the reasons for the delays is the multiple appeals in court, which contribute to only a small part of the fines being paid.
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Twitter and TikTok discuss possible “combination”

The social networks Twitter and TikTok had preliminary discussions with a view to an eventual "combination" between the two, according to a news report revealed on Saturday by the Wall Street Journal.

Chinese mask makers struggle for survival after brief golden age

Tighter regulations and falling prices are causing a struggle for survival among China's mask makers as the covid-19 pandemic has made the market more competitive.
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