Dieselgate: German court orders Volkswagen to pay damages

The German court also ruled that the owners can also return the vehicles for a partial refund of the price initially paid.

Collect purchases without leaving the car. Sonae group shopping centers already have a 'Drive-In' system

The new Sonae service allows customers the possibility to collect their purchases in a convenient way, without leaving the car, after placing their order online or by phone.

Sapo Awards: winners of the 19th edition will be announced on May 28

The list of campaigns in the contest included 135 advertising productions in Portugal, of which only 56 make up the final list from which the winners will leave.

Covid puts checks and cash withdrawals in a minimum of 20 years. Purchases with cards at least 11 years old

In April, the reduction in the use of checks was around 45% in number and 48% in amount, compared to the same period of the previous year, and card operations dropped 42,9% in number and 28,8% in value. The pandemic also brought about an increase in contactless payments and a drop in cash withdrawals.

Association calls for postponement of reopening of commercial movie theaters to July 2

In a letter signed by the director general of FEVIP, António Paulo Santos, and addressed to the Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Culture and the Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual (ICA), the association emphasizes that “there is no at the moment, nor is there expected to be any premiere of films in the first three weeks of June and the films of the fourth week are not confirmed ”.

Telecommunications operators accumulate fines of 1,3 million until April

Between January and April 2020, Anacom decided on 82 administrative offenses, of which 57 ended with the imposition of fines, corresponding to 70% of the decided cases. "The fines imposed in this period amounted to 1,3 million euros", reveals the regulator.
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