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Master of Business Administration: more international programs

Portuguese MBA's reinforce their international component through partnerships, namely with leading business schools from around the world. United States and China are among the main interlocutors. Goal? Adding value to the programs and enriching the students' experience, fundamental requirements in the era of digital globalization.
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Urban Rehabilitation: Gold Visas may threaten the sector's evolution and appreciation in 2020

Experts believe that the segment will continue to grow as it did in the previous year, but they fear the “negative image abroad” in view of the proposal to change the Gold Visas. Inspectors argue that the new OE measures for the real estate sector result, in practice, “in just more money for the State”.
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Real estate balances between new regulation and encompassing property income

Activity seeks to meet the requirements of the new regulation, in a market that is being targeted at the upper middle class and that should be aimed at young people. Owners argue that the aggregation of income may be discouraging for anyone wishing to invest in leasing.
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The challenges of 'number professionals' who underpin companies' strategies

With technological disruption, the accountant is becoming a 'financial advisor', closer and with more time for his clients. But, despite its crucial role in organizations, in Portugal it is little valued and there are those who advocate an increase in wages.
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Who's Who in the Training Sector in Portugal 2019

How does Portugal compare with countries of similar level of development?

Who's Who in the Pharmaceutical Industry in Portugal

The National Strategy for Medicines and Health Products 2016-2020 is based on a sustainable policy that should reconcile budgetary rigor with access to therapeutic innovation.
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