From 'French' to 'Germans'. Which car brands sold the most in Portugal in 2020

Car sales in Portugal are inevitably marked by the Covid-19 pandemic that significantly reduced sales. The 'premium' brands gain ground compared to the 'traditional' ones. Meet the top 10 of the best selling car brands in Portugal.

“We are ready”, stresses Carlos Tavares. Shareholders approve PSA-Fiat merger

The 42 billion euro deal will be closed on 16 January.

PremiumPeugeot 5008: Leo ends the year in a big way

The brand brand manager, Jorge Tomé, stressed that the product “wants to be a reference”.

Elon Musk offered Tesla to Apple for a tenth of the price. Tim Cook refused to meet

Tim Cook would have refused to accept a meeting, according to the car manufacturer's executive director.

Apple wants to produce its own car from 2024

The technological giant intends to recover the 'Titan' project that started in 2014, but which due to several setbacks never started.

PremiumPAN proposal threatens to halt sales of hybrid cars next year

Parliament approved a proposal that provides for less incentives to purchase these cars. Sales this year are already 29% higher than last year, but some brands have negative expectations for the market reaction in 2021.
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