EY Barometer

Data strategy and pressure to make decisions

Much has been said and written about the effectiveness of the measures adopted by each country in responding to the pandemic COVID-19.

Co-sourcing: an option to reinforce the Internal Audit Function

The current pandemic (Covid-19) has brought a high degree of uncertainty to the behavior of economic agents and the financial sector, with a broader social and economic impact at the international level.

Cybersecurity as a key enabler in organizations

According to the EY Global Information Security Survey (GISS), although more than 60% of respondents show a widespread growth in cyber attacks, only a third of organizations say that the cybersecurity function is involved in the planning phases of a new security initiative. business

A new consumer is emerging

Here we are, resilient, trying every day to find the best route to reach the next day, the next week, the next month.

Investor sentiment in a pandemic environment

The current pandemic has brought new vulnerabilities and new challenges. The total impact on companies' revenues and profitability across the value chain is still highly uncertain.

The industrial sector and the maintenance of jobs in situations of business crisis

The entities of the industrial sector live days of great uncertainty, due to the impact caused by the coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19), like other sectors, on two fronts of their business.
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