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How Covid-19 is changing offices

The future of work, once an abstract concept, became a concrete reality overnight.

Des (incentive) to consumption?

The so-called “consumer credit” is regulated by Decree-Law no. 133/2009, of 2 June, a diploma that transposed Directive 2008/48 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, into our legal system, of April 23, relating to consumer credit agreements.

Psychology applied to the investigation of financial fraud

Assessing lying has been a widely studied topic at the clinical level since the first studies in the area of ​​cognitive psychology with the term malingering and in the area of ​​psychoanalytic psychology with the term impostor.

For a reform with a future in the National Health System

"Change is the law of life. Those who look only at the past or the present will surely lose the future. ” - John F. Kennedy

(Re) learn the financial information of Insurers, in the light of IFRS 17

"Now there we go, learn, again, to read the financial statements of the Insurers ...".

How TMT are transforming the financial and fiscal function

Globally, TMT organizations are considering co-sourcing to enhance the success of their operations in a more complex environment, notes the global survey EY Tax and Finance Operate (TFO) (which included more than 1.000 executives from 35 countries).
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