EY Barometer

The construction sector and the recovery from the Covid-19 crisis

The engineering, construction and real estate sector incorporates activities with enormous relevance and multiplier effects in modern economies, and it is expected that they will play a decisive role in the recovery from the economic crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Health challenges in pandemic times

In a study carried out by EY on the main financial indicators of the largest pharmaceutical companies, a positive evolution in relation to previous years stands out in 2019, with a particular focus on the areas of oncology and immunology, followed by cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Increased scrutiny in the Energy sector brings new challenges

The energy sector faces an unprecedented level of scrutiny by governments, the media and regulators.

How do we turn market leaders into market makers?

It would have been difficult to believe, on 1 January, that just a few months later, we would be defining this new decade in terms of pre-pandemic, pandemic and post-pandemic.
Diogo Martins

Urban mobility: paradigm shift or continuity?

In recent years we have witnessed numerous initiatives that aim to promote more sustainable and integrated (multimodal) mobility in urban contexts.

Prevent risks with better controls

The difficult moments bring two problems with them: they create pressure to violate ethical conduct and bring to the surface problems that were hidden for several years.
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