Watch JE editors Talks: Financial Advisory Leaders here

Now see a live conversation with leaders in the financial advisory industry about the prospects for economic recovery and the challenges facing Portuguese companies.

Form for managing partners to request support can be submitted until today

The electronic form for this purpose was made available on August 21 at the Social Security Direct, and can be submitted until today, according to the information available on the Social Security website.

Strategies to save at this time of greatest financial stress

If after paying all your monthly expenses, you have some money you can start saving, as this action will provide you with greater security in the future, either to make your dreams come true or to face an unexpected situation.

IRS: Deadline to settle accounts with the tax authorities ends today

This Monday, August 31, the deadline for receiving reimbursement ends, as long as the declaration has been delivered within the established deadlines and for taxpayers who have to pay IRS and settle accounts with the Tax Authorities. It is also the deadline for the payment of other tax obligations, namely the second installment of IMI and IRC.

Cofidis and Cetelem do not extend credit default

The news is advanced by Público this Sunday and will force thousands of families to resume the payment of consumer loans as early as October.

OE2020: State fits 3,6 billion less in taxes until July

The State collected € 3.662,8 million less in taxes until July, corresponding to a drop of 14,6% compared to the same period in 2019, indicates the summary of budget execution, released this Wednesday.
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