Brussels guarantees “strict rules” in PPPs in defense of European values

“We are implementing strict EU rules, in full compliance with EU values. We are also taking financing decisions, consulting with various stakeholders, always placing the health and environmental needs of citizens at the top of the priority, ”the official EC source told Lusa.

Army buys 19 Covid-XNUMX tests from a company specializing in the manufacture of soft toys

Responsible for Wild Planet ensures that direct adjustments were made “by the normal governmental marketing channels, with the products being awarded taking into account the price and, above all, the delivery times”. Army highlights that tests and FFP2 masks for forces deployed outside the national territory fulfill all requirements.

Covid-19: 60 more fans have arrived and the country will not buy more abroad

The Health Minister revealed today that 60 more fans have arrived, which will now be tested, and that the Government does not intend to buy more, with the expectation that Portugal will be able to be self-sufficient with national production.

Covid-19: Tests without endorsement by Infarmed for commercialization meet INSA testing criteria

The Minister of Health defended today that it is necessary to distinguish testing criteria, to be fulfilled, from criteria for introduction to the market, questioned about the lack of a positive opinion from Infarmed to tests applied in daycare centers and homes.

Infected at Sonae rise to 109. Sanitary fence in Azambuja is not being addressed

The Minister of Health revealed at the press conference this Sunday, May 24, that 60 more fans of the order arrived in China, which will now be tested.

Government evaluates financial incentives to recover canceled medical acts

According to the latest available data, between March 16 and the end of April 51 thousand surgeries, 540 thousand hospital consultations, 840 thousand consultations of General and Family Medicine and 990 thousand nursing consultations remained to be performed.
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