Covid-19: Antiviral remdesivir has already earned the manufacturer 766 million euros

Due to sales of remdesivir, initially developed in vain against Ebola hemorrhagic fever, the group saw its quarterly turnover increase by 17% to $ 6,58 billion.

Marta Temido: “Whoever votes against either another model or gave up on improving the NHS”

In a plenary speech on the second day of debate on the 2021 State Budget proposal in general, at the Assembly of the Republic, Marta Temido argued that in the current context of the 19-covid pandemic “the National Health Service (SNS) has shown resilience and will continue to do so with new responses ”.

Government clarifies that students and school staff can move between municipalities

The restrictions also do not apply to accompanying minors who have to cross the 'borders' that are closed over the next weekend.

SNS has 654 fewer doctors than in January

National Federation of Doctors accuses the government of not having prepared properly during the summer.

Medical Association accuses SNS24 of overloading urgencies

Ordem dos Médicos do Centro criticizes the way referral of patients is being made through the SNS 24 Line and asks for guardianship intervention.

Covid-19: Non-Covid patients will be referred to the private and social sectors

Non-Covid-19 patients who see consultations, exams or surgeries at the National Health Service (SNS) be cleared due to the worsening of the pandemic will be referred to the private and social sectors, guaranteed the Minister of Health, Marta Temido today.
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