First vaccination in homes will be completed by the end of next week, guarantees António Costa

Excluded from this first phase of vaccination in homes are households where Covid-19 outbreaks exist. Illegal homes are included in accelerating the vaccination process for the elderly and users of these establishments.

Epidemiologist predicts 17 new cases and 200 daily deaths by Covid-19 until January 24

The calculations were made on the basis of a slowdown in March. If this slowdown does not occur, the epidemiologist says that the daily cases could reach 17 thousand per day in Portugal.

British health service lives in the most fragile moment since it was created

“The facts are very clear and I am not going to sweeten them. Hospitals and healthcare professionals are under extreme pressure, ”admitted NHS Executive Director Stevens, noting that the current health situation in the UK is not favorable.

European Union wants 70% of the population vaccinated by summer and create vaccination certificates

Brussels is preparing a set of recommendations to the Member States. European Commission guarantees that it will close a protocol for vaccination certificates "that can be recognized and used" across the EU, to replace quarantines and testing requirements.

Ordem dos Médicos calls for general confinement and adoption of more robust measures to combat the pandemic

The president of the Order of Doctors, Miguel Guimarães, asked, in a “wake-up call for the sick”, that the Government adopt a general confinement and increase the capacity to test infected people and their contacts to break the transmission chains.

Feared calls for Portuguese to comply with the confinement: "There are limits and we are very close to the limit"

Minister of Health revealed "a lot of concern" with the numbers in this Sunday's DGS Bulletin and called on the Portuguese to comply with the confinement. "Everyone is making sacrifices, but we need to work harder in terms of the community to ensure that transmission chains are stopped," he said.
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