Trade war does not scare Wall Street bulls

While the words come and go, Wall Street has appreciated more than 3% in the past five days.

PSI 20 opens week in 'green' driven by Sonae Capital and Navigator

Lisbon Square started the session up 0,44%, to 4.260,09 points on Monday morning, following the trend of most of its European counterparts.

PremiumMonetary Stimulus: The Hangover Risk in a World Addicted to Debt

Fear of a financial crisis, in addition to the inevitable recession caused by Covid-19, led central banks to inject liquidity into the system, in gigantic doses of asset purchases. Revenue is working, but the 'Quantitative Easing' addiction can result in a hangover, and while inflation is unlikely to accelerate, the truth is that central banks bought more risk and created a mountain of debt that one day will have to be paid, warn economists consulted by JE.

Top of the agenda: what you can't miss in the economy and markets this week

In the next two days, until Tuesday, the Prime Minister, António Costa, will have a series of meetings with the various political parties to discuss the economic and social stabilization program, in order to ascertain its impact on the Budget.

PremiumFitch says that Portuguese banks will use provisions of 200 million already registered

The rating agency says that provisions in Portuguese banking due to Covid-19 could be higher and considers the increase in bad debts “very likely”. Replacing the capital pillows will be a “great challenge”.

Fintech, bigtech and banking: same activity, same regulation

The first principle is that for the same activity there must be the same regulation, defend banks, regulators and even fintechs.
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