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From the pool in the city to the tranquility of the countryside. These were the most visited luxury homes in Portugal

The Portuguese continue to “blink an eye” at luxury homes. From estates, palaces or mansions overlooking the sea or infinity pools: there are those who can't resist “peeking” this universe of incredible properties. And the truth is that seeing luxury homes on the internet has become one of the favorite “hobbies” of many people, who dedicate part of their free time to fantasizing about the world.

Three Portuguese in the top 20 of today's best coaches for the British press

The German Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool coach, in two seasons took the fans of the reds to ecstasy, winning the Champions League and the Premier League that had run away for 30 years, earning him the award for best coach of the English Premier League and , for the "Daily Star" is the best coach today.

From luxury fashion to chocolates, meet the 10 richest families in Europe

European retail businesses, car production, chocolate shops, or even luxury fashion brands, increased their income in the first eight months of the year, and strengthened their presence in the ranking of the richest families in the world, still dominated by the United States.

Formula 1 back to Portugal: investment, State contribution and expected revenue

Investments, State contribution, impacts at regional and national level, are some of the aspects to be taken into account to host one of the biggest sporting events in the world in Portugal. F1 engines will be heard in Portimão between 23 and 25 October.

From Marega to Conceição. These are the protagonists of the new national champion

It is unusual for the national champion's best scorer to be the left defender, but in exceptional times, what matters is the first place after 34 rounds. Returns, millionaire hires and confidence in the coach leave their mark on the 29th national championship of Futebol Clube do Porto.

High risk of contagion. Meet the nine most vulnerable professions in times of pandemic

From health professionals to firefighters, contact with strangers carries risks that are impossible to prevent. As people start to circulate and make their lives “normal”, the virus continues to lurk and there is little care.
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