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"There has never been a greater betrayal." Ten Republicans who said “yes” to Donald Trump's dismissal

The final vote counted on 10 Republican representatives in the House of Representatives to vote in favor of the process. Find out who they are and how they justified their position in the face of events at the Capitol, in Washington, last January 6th.

From 'French' to 'Germans'. Which car brands sold the most in Portugal in 2020

Car sales in Portugal are inevitably marked by the Covid-19 pandemic that significantly reduced sales. The 'premium' brands gain ground compared to the 'traditional' ones. Meet the top 10 of the best selling car brands in Portugal.

From Porsche to Maserati. See the best selling luxury cars in Portugal in 2020

The seven luxury car brands in Portugal together suffered a 20% drop in 2020 compared to 2019, according to ACAP data. Maserati, Jaguar and Lamborghini recorded declines in sales, with Porsche, Ferrari and Aston Martin seeing increases and Bentley remaining unchanged.

Without Messi or Ronaldo. This is the most valuable 'eleven' in the world (and has a Portuguese)

Only Bruno Fernandes is present in the 11 most valuable in the world. The market value of the players may be impressive, but it goes against the talent shown on the field by these authentic world football stars. Meet the 11 most valuable in the world, according to Transfermarkt.

Chaos and violence in Washington. See the images that shook American democracy

A few days after Joe Biden's inauguration as American president, Donald Trump continues not to accept defeat and to plead electoral fraud. Supporters of the still US president invaded the Capitol and sowed panic on a decisive day for American democracy.

Asians 'warm up' European football. This is the Top 5 of the most valuable

The Japanese dominate the top five of the most valuable Asian footballers in the world, according to Transfermarkt, but it is from South Korea and Iran that today's most exciting talents arrive.
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