What is Covid hiding?

Covid arrived at the right moment for a Government that takes full advantage of it to frighten the population and thus, step by step, take over the institutions.

Extraordinary cultural patronage of 2021, culture to the private?

This is a test of confidence left to the private sector, who will (or will not) have to show receptivity to the new measures.

Prudence and common sense

Across Europe there is a sharp increase in new cases of infection and Portugal is no exception. The question I ask myself is: how can I be part of the solution?

The (good) customer experience

I know that the mission of companies is to sell their services / products and that without them there is no company. But it is not for nothing that companies invest more and more in the knowledge of their customers.

Saving or saving, that is the question

It seems inappropriate to talk about savings in the middle of a pandemic crisis, which is already an income crisis for many families, but it is at the most demanding times that the most important decisions are made.

Does a budget that does not serve the left nor the right serve the country?

Once again, no change in the levels of the IRS is enshrined in OE2021, an incomprehensible decision. Only withholding tax will be lower, but this will not mean tax relief.
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