Trust and (re) industrialization

Portugal is much more than just tourism, it is a center of competence. What do we lack, then, to become a more industrialized country?

Banking: partner or competitor of companies?

It is important to evaluate the investor no longer just by what it sets in terms of capitalization, but mainly by the strength of his business ideas.

The new type of home credit

I understand and accept that banks charge commissions, however, this does not prevent me from considering some of those commissions immoral and perhaps even illegal.

Telework: random event or the future?

Perhaps the time has come for Labor Law to modernize and be based on, or at least to consent to, different parameters for carrying out and evaluating work.

From the pandemic to the hysteria of organizations

Perhaps, in view of the objective of recovering the public budget, with the result of the application and collection of fines, the much needed ACT is regenerated.

Sovereigns of time (9)

We are facing a colossal progress, and still little noticed, of the installation of the conditions for a political dystopia.
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