Novo Banco: a matter of incentives

Like any economic agent, Lone Star plays with the cards at its disposal. Looking back, it is difficult not to question whether the public interest would not have been better defended if Novo Banco had remained in the public sphere.

TAPING this hole is urgent

In the 80s, a friend from Porto played with a railroad slogan that stated that “CP doesn't walk, it flies”

Not fictional production

Intending to subsidize Information, these 15 million allocated to media companies, in fact, came, above all, to help pay for television programming.

Ultimatum to Europe

A Europe wounded to death and lacking in cohesion and solidarity between its states is of no interest to anyone, it does not serve citizens and communities.

Who wins and who loses

The international order in which we have lived for the past 70 years is witnessing its last days and the virus has also hit Europe. The pandemic is nothing more than a pretext for what was already being designed.

Well or poorly accompanied?

It is paradoxical that it is at the height of pandemics and global problems, when coordinated action is most needed, that the United Kingdom play the lone riders. “Take back control” from what?
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