The tragedy of dependent regulators

The Government failed the CMVM's proposal to raise supervisory fees, leaving the capital market regulator in a difficult situation, as you can read on page 15 of this edition of the JE.

Cultural heritage, shared values

“Cultural Heritage - Living Reality” is a reflection on a hot topic in the present time.

The soccer

Football is a big Portuguese industry.

Rita in the so-called wonderland

As in all summers, I will head to Porto Santo, a treasure still unknown by many and that has been neglected by successive officials, being practically dependent on a tourism that, as we now see and it was evident, may fail.

The new “September 11th”

The Covid-19 pandemic can be seen as a new “11/XNUMX” for its global and lasting impact.

The Dutch were right

Politics has become a real marshy theater, where fiction and reality are mixed in such a way that it is no longer possible to avoid the failure of this system.
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