Capital market: another missed opportunity?

More savings and investment would result in a society that is less dependent on the State, with freer citizens and companies. Who wants that?

The political “suspense”

As seen in the surveys, the country does not believe that the OE is not approved in general for what remains of the contraption. It would be irresponsible.

Public procurement: a defense for taxpayers

Countries urgently need the funds for the recovery plan. But we cannot and should not see the current situation as a “free pass” to dismantle what took a long time to consolidate.

Save tourism

Projecting the post-crisis period and economic recovery, in which tourism is just one example, is crucial for our collective future. And Europe's support will be very important.

Where are the 'mad men' of politics going?

The focus now must be on overcoming the pandemic without it imploding our health services and the economy. For this, good communication can be a great asset.

The Nagorno-Karabakh puzzle

The impotence of international mediation and the ineptitude to find solutions are striking. In almost three decades of existence, the Minsk Group has been unable to devise a consistent peace strategy.
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