Trump and the vicissitudes of the international liberal order

Contrary to the hegemonic aspirations of the USA, other protagonists demand a different distribution of power in the international order. They demand a new voice and the consideration of their national interests, without, however, wanting to question it.

Unique times

Unique times demand that no hasty judgments be made and still less that we allow ourselves to be carried away by easy populisms that make us believe that China is an undisputed giant internally and externally and that Europe has fallen completely under its own weight.

About supported housing in Portugal

Supported housing was always closely related to social tension, before it was possible to speak of “Right to Housing”, and to calmly define how it can be guaranteed, it was always important to resolve, with urgency and delay, the “Problem of Housing".

The disconnection from the world and the question of the human

This book proposes to think about this fundamental disconnection, seeking to identify what we disconnect from, what gave legitimacy and value to the ways in which we disconnect and measure the extent of the change that is taking place. What will our future be with the machines?

Building trust in a renewed April

It is urgent to instill a new hope in the Portuguese, both for generations who feel defrauded by the system, and for the younger generations who are guided by new ambitions of economic and social mobility and who are disconnected from the system.

Can CoV-19 catalyze the reform of European institutions?

The major obstacle to responding to the epidemic is related to the fiscal rules of the euro area. Therefore, the future lies in creating new centralized tax tools.
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