Cultural heritage, shared values

“Cultural Heritage - Living Reality” is a reflection on a hot topic in the present time.

Mozambique, the end of paradise

I travel through two books that have Mozambique at their epicenter: in Cabo Delgado the conflict for which reasons must be identified, on the island of Mozambique the reparative time that helps to reflect.

Portugal's chips are in the European Recovery Fund

The way in which Portugal sees the restoration of a certain normality faster will depend to a great extent on the European response, especially with regard to the final format, a key aspect in order to contain the severity of the short-term economic impact.

Populism and the big problem upstream

The way of life in effort that imposed itself in our era is fundamentally wrong and if it is not changed, and we conform to the resentment of enduring it, it is good that we prepare ourselves for the corrosion of the values ​​of democracy, autonomy and emancipation.

Railroad, economic recovery and sustainability

If, with the various existing problems, the railroad in Portugal has managed in recent years to attract greater demand and reinforce its financial sustainability, imagine what it will not be possible to achieve with a set of balanced interventions.

The rise of peripheral cities

The model of distance work, even in the partial solution - the most likely - brings benefits and may influence the way of life of up to a third of the active population in Europe, which would represent, in the national case, about one million jobs of work.
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