Essay on blindness

The impact of the economic crisis on psychological health grows with unemployment and unemployment will be more difficult to reduce due to unmet needs for psychological care. Such social cohesion is built a lot from here, by not leaving many Portuguese behind.

"America! America!"

The United States has to look at its neighbors. No longer with the proud eye of those who represent and export human rights, but as a couple that has its internal contradictions, its victories and failures.

Think and act against hatred of others

Values ​​and truth are separated, as if they were different worlds - from reality you can say what comes to mind and find a way, even if the Earth is flat, but from the values ​​there of anyone who dares to raise a question . There was a time when we said that this was fundamentalism and we fought it.

Mental health, sustainable development and human rights

After six months of experience with the Covid-19 epidemic, there is no one in Portugal who is not aware of the impacts that this crisis is having on the mental health of the population, and who does not realize that it is playing a decisive role in overcoming the crisis. that we are living.

Trump's inevitable downfall?

Presidential debates are often decisive moments, and in 2016, the Republican candidate showed that he was able to monetize them in his favor. In addition, Democrats advocate a greater tax burden in favor of a green agenda, which can alienate the electorate.

The value of the past

At a time when there is so much discussion about the memory and the impact of the past on the present, it is worth thinking about what value we really attach to the past.
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