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Saving or saving, that is the question

It seems inappropriate to talk about savings in the middle of a pandemic crisis, which is already an income crisis for many families, but it is at the most demanding times that the most important decisions are made.

Does a budget that does not serve the left nor the right serve the country?

Once again, no change in the levels of the IRS is enshrined in OE2021, an incomprehensible decision. Only withholding tax will be lower, but this will not mean tax relief.

A 'horribilis' decade

It is not enough to throw money at problems. It is urgent to make a correct diagnosis in order to be able to prescribe the appropriate medication.

Universal conspiracy

In balancing fundamental rights with other no less fundamental goods, such as public health, the former can and must be sacrificed momentarily to the latter.

The pandemic crisis and human existentialism

Cyclical crises are part of the order of things and, as we are part of an ecological environment, we are not outside that ecological chain of relationships.

Iberianization of banking

With the small size of our market, the disruption of European digital banks and the consolidation processes with Spanish banks, we are moving towards increasing Iberian consolidation.
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