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Confined minds

The European Union must begin to build its own path, a path that is equidistant between the two great powers: China and the USA. And the agreement now concluded with China could be a new step.

Does capitalism need clothes?

Showing social sensitivity, without adopting concrete corrective actions, is “beautiful” but it does not solve a serious human problem, swelled by the pandemic: the indignity of the life of those who have to support themselves with minimalist salaries.

Central banks: the good, the bad and the (very) ugly

It is increasingly clear that the Fed and any other central bank pose a danger to future financial stability, with its policies increasingly linked to markets and not to the real economy.

Risks and challenges

We must decisively design with ambition a collective strategic plan for the decade that represents a new contract between the State and the market.

A year in two stages and in two voices

If, on the one hand, I am relatively optimistic about the dynamics of a private economy after the second quarter of 2021, on the other, I am very negative about the dynamics of the public economy.

On social networks as in life

It is often said that whoever lives by the sword, dies by the sword. Trump, a monster who lived through social networks, is good to die through them.
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