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Super blocks without cars to save cities

Reducing the number of cars by 15% makes it possible to keep the city running smoothly and increase public space by more than 70%.

Contact Tracing, safe path or misstep?

It seems that these applications do not guarantee users fundamental values, such as those of Privacy and Transparency.

Guilt lives married… with the Law

Possibly, not all entities involved will have done their homework on time.

Chronicle of a death announced in Moscavide

Perhaps the greatest justice is in trying to understand why we pretend that a problem that is visible to everyone does not exist and we deny any attempt to reflect on it.

A week in “tugolândia”

Are there any doubts that Novo Banco is a bottomless hole that will cost us more than its bankruptcy and has set a dangerous precedent?

Just one click to communicate?

The flexibility of communication, of innovation, of the way we keep internal audiences involved, interested and little bored or tired will be the secret.
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