Catarina Martins wants “lay-off” with 100% salary paid and urgent support before the Supplementary Budget

Left Block Coordinator also defended that companies be exempted from payment on account of the IRC, establishing a parallelism with the blockist intention of prohibiting the distribution of dividends. "Last year's profits should not be used as a yardstick for this year," he defended at the meeting at the Prime Minister's official residence.

German government and Lufthansa close bailout that could amount to 9 billion euros

With this redemption, the German government will become the airline's main shareholder with a 20% stake in the company's capital. The agreement will remain pending until the European Commission gives its "endorsement".

Government open to suspend payment on account of IRC this year, says deputy of “Os Verdes”

At the political level, the ENP deputy considered that "it is too early" to define a position on these Government diplomas, when, moreover, during today's meeting, no written document was delivered by the executive.

Jerónimo de Sousa removes maintenance “ad aeternum” from the simplified “lay-off” that makes “what is unacceptable” trivial

The PCP delegation was the first to be received at the Prime Minister's official residence as part of a round of contacts with the parties for the preparation of the Economic and Social Stabilization Program and the supplementary budget that will accompany it.

Marques Mendes says that the four contracts for the sale of Novo Banco must be made public

“There are at least four contracts, four contractual documents involving the State, the European Union, the Lone Star and the Resolution Fund, and if it were possible, they should all be made public. [Because] when there is public money, it must be made public. There are four contracts and there is at least one that is more important than the purchase and sale contract, ”said the political commentator.

"Yes, we have something to learn from Portugal". Spain praises the political environment of the Iberian 'neighbor'

The Spanish journalist, writer and translator Pilar de Río weaves throughout this article events from Portuguese political life, comparing them with the troubled moments in Spain, namely with regard to the challenge to the Government led by Pedro Sànchez.
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