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House valuation remained at 1.128 euros in September

In year-on-year terms, this figure represents a slowdown, with the rate of change easing from 7,0% in August to 5,8% in September. The number of bank appraisals was around 24 thousand, 3,0% more than in the same period of the previous year.

House sales price falls 2,1% in September

In year-on-year terms, housing prices rose 7,9% in September, revealing a slowdown compared to the 11,7% growth seen in the previous month.

Real estate consultant says Gold Visas impair market fluidity in Portugal

Imovendo welcomes the measure announced by the European Parliament of wanting Gold Visas to end immediately in the countries of the European Union.

PremiumJoão Duque: "Demand should be more focused on long-term leases"

Economists believe that if housing prices and rents adjust, the market could “get excited”. Teleworking can lead companies to free up space for housing leases.

Want to build a house? Pay attention to these costs

When it comes to buying a house, often the decision between buying a new, used or even building becomes difficult to make, given that all solutions have their pros and cons. Know, in this article, the charges associated with building from scratch.

Average rental price rose close to 2% in September

Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Porto and Aveiro were the districts that presented the greatest variation in the average price. Conversely, Bragança recorded the biggest drop in the average rental price compared to August, according to data from the Imovirtual portal.
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