Find out how guarantees for digitally purchased goods work

Only in the private business there is no guarantee and this situation is very common in online shopping.

Average rental price rose close to 2% in September

Viana do Castelo, Viseu, Porto and Aveiro were the districts that presented the greatest variation in the average price. Conversely, Bragança recorded the biggest drop in the average rental price compared to August, according to data from the Imovirtual portal.

Find out what geographic blocking is and how it can affect consumers

Recently, DECO analyzed several commercial sites and it was found that at least 28 companies did not deliver to the Autonomous Region of Madeira, thus not allowing the digital purchase of their goods. Even when the consumer suggests supporting the associated delivery costs, this is not feasible.

Investing is also saving. Find out how you can invest

The basic rule of thumb for a smart and safe investment is to match the goals to the available budget and the needs of the family.

Deco collects signatures against uneven end of bank commission

Deco is collecting signatures to ask parliament to ban the payment processing fee for all contracts, considering a “stark inequality” that is only for credits as of January 01st.

Each family will have to spend 445 euros to absorb the IVAucher 200 million ceiling

The accounts were made by Deloitte. The simulation carried out by the consultant assumes that in the consumption of households directed to the three sectors, contemplated in the measure dubbed 'IVAucher', 70% are in catering (including meals consumed in hotels), 20% in accommodation and 10% in cultural activities.
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