Ana Gomes calls for “national unity” to avoid disruption in health services

Presidential candidate Ana Gomes argued that “today is the day” to overcome “ideological differences” and mobilize in a “national unity effort” all available resources to avoid “disruption of basic health services”.

Presidential: CNE receives complaints from voters barred from early vote by confinement

The National Elections Commission (CNE) today received several complaints from citizens who cannot vote complaining about incomplete information about the deadlines for registration in the early vote in confinement for the presidential elections.

Government calls extraordinary Council of Ministers after Marcelo's statements

RTP advances that the Government will meet this Monday in an extraordinary Council of Ministers and new restrictive measures should be decided.

Garcia de Orta's Board of Directors rejects “pre-catastrophe” risk despite pressure

“The Garcia de Orta Hospital [HGO] is by no means in pre-catastrophe. We have a strong demand pressure, but we are managing to respond with internal means and also with the help of the ARS [Regional Health Authority], transferring some patients to other regions ”, said Luís Amaro.

State of emergency will extend until the end of the presidential term, announces Marcelo

"The next renewal of the state of emergency will, in principle, be on the 29th of this month, and then there will be several renewals even until the end of the current presidential term, there will be three," Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa told reporters at Santa Maria Hospital , in Lisbon.

Brazil authorizes emergency use of Sinovac and AstraZeneca vaccines

The Brazilian regulatory authority approved the emergency use of the two vaccines, after a five-hour meeting, which was broadcast live.
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