President of the Liberal Initiative says that "political powers have consciously questioned people's lives for ideological reasons"

João Cotrim Figueiredo said that “there was no one from the PS to the left who had the manhood” to recognize that hiring specialist consultations and surgeries to private hospitals was a way to avoid a second public health crisis “hidden under the Covid-19".

Portugal registers 46.818 cases and 1.662 deaths from Covid-19

Lisbon and the Tagus Valley region has the highest number of infections today, having confirmed 254 more cases in relation to the previous day's data. The number of recovered cases in Portugal increased to 31.065.

Millionaires want to pay more taxes to help their countries out of the crisis

A group of more than 80 billionaires want to pay more taxes to help their countries recover from the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Mexico is the fourth country in the world with more deaths by Covid-19

"There are 299.750 contagious infections in Mexico and 35.006 dead," Mexican health authorities indicated in a message posted on the social network Twitter.

“The pandemic has made clear the importance of investing in research”

In the cycle of online conferences promoted by Jornal Económico and Huawei on what role technology will play in the economic recovery, Henrique Veiga-Fernandes, director of Champalimaud Research, stressed the importance of investment in research in the field of Health.

UK reaches 44.819 fatalities with 21 new deaths recorded

The British Ministry of Health also reported that 650 new cases of infection with the new coronavirus have been identified in the last 24 hours, with the country totaling, since the beginning of the health crisis, a total of 289.603 cases of covid-19.
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