Coronavirus Special

USA bought almost all stock of remdesivir for three months

Virtually all of the stock until September of remdesivir, the first drug approved in the USA for the treatment of Covid-19, was purchased by the USA. Thus, virtually no other state will have access to the first drug approved for the treatment of Covid-19 by the end of the summer.

Additional solidarity on banking will not be tax deductible

The budget proposal presented by the Government already provided for the extraordinary contribution on banking, but allowed that contribution to be deducted in IRC by the same banks. Now, with the approval of the proposed amendment to the Left Block, the deduction of the bank contribution in IRC no longer takes effect.

Supplementary budget will exclude companies based in tax havens from public support

The proposed amendment to the Supplementary Budget presented by the Ecologist Party “Os Verdes” (ENV) was approved in the discussion in the specialty and will be included in the final text of the budget proposal. The proposal to exclude companies linked to offshores from access to public support from the Left Block (BE) was also partially approved.

United States reaches new pandemic peak: over 47 new cases daily

California, Texas and Arizona are just three examples of states that have become the new epicenter of the pandemic within the United States, with a significant increase in new cases every day.

Minute by minute JE. The last round of voting on the specialty of the supplementary budget kicks off

Follow minute by minute in the JE the votes in the specialty of the supplementary Budget that are taking place for the second day in Parliament.

Gaming revenue in Macau falls 97% in June and over 77% in the first half

June was the worst month of the year: casinos had revenues of just 716 million patacas (80 million euros), about 23 billion patacas (2,56 billion euros) less than in June 2019.
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