'Champions' in Lisbon. Atalanta BC: worth 'only' 266 million but comes to Lisbon to challenge 'sharks'

Italian club is valued at 266 million euros, making it the seventh most valuable in the Italian league according to the "Statista" portal. The club's owner, António Percassi, got rich through the cosmetics brand 'Odissea Srl', and today has a fortune valued at one billion euros. The Italian owns 70% of Atalanta BC.

Moto GP: Portimão receives final race of the 2020 season

The Autódromo Internacional do Algarve will host the last race of the season that will take place on the weekend of 20 to 22 November.

'Champions' in Lisbon. RB Leipzig: youngest Champions League coach 'gives wings' to the 594 million mark

Since its founding, the club has been involved in several controversies, all due to its direct connection to Red Bull. The energy drink company owns the club, something that was not well accepted in Germany where members traditionally have the power to participate in club decisions, due to the famous '50 +1 'rule.

Turismo de Portugal launches international campaign to welcome 'Champions League'

This campaign, called 'Portugal. Champios Everywhere ', covers the entire competition period, until August 23, in digital media and social networks, representing an investment of around 150 thousand euros ”.

From 549 million to GDP to 150 million in taxes. How much does the football industry in Portugal weigh? See the “Economic Game”

The new edition of the Portuguese Professional Football Yearbook, a partnership between Liga Portugal and EY, records the total contribution of this industry to Portuguese GDP, the revenues generated by the 32 SADs and the taxes collected by the Portuguese State from football.

UEFA maintains restrictions on FC Porto in the context of financial fair play

Among the limitations are the number of players registered on List A (the one that includes the main players registered in the European events), as well as other restrictions on newly transferred players.
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