PremiumKevin Mayer: TikTok is the new network of the executive who did not receive the reward due by Disney

New leader of the Chinese application of short videos that won the Covid-19 pandemic, the American turned his back on Mickey. Reaching 50 million subscribers to the Disney + streaming platform was not enough to reach the top of the mountain that the mouse gave birth to.

Covid-19, the unexpected cashless solutions accelerator

The dematerialization of money is already a reality. During the pandemic, digital payment solutions in Portugal continued to grow. MB Way already has 2,4 million users and Revolut approaches half a million.

PremiumAltice CEO wants review of 5G public consultation

Alexandre Fonseca considers that it is necessary to avoid “decapitalizing” companies, taking into account the current moment and the investment that 5G requires.

PremiumPandemic drives software companies

The number of projects has increased and the reality of teleworking has brought new challenges, best used by those who have the mission to respond to the needs of their customers.

Fintechs gain advantage with confinement

Many are “easy targets”, with little liquidity, but are taking advantage of changing payment habits to attract customers.

Fintech, bigtech and banking: same activity, same regulation

The first principle is that for the same activity there must be the same regulation, defend banks, regulators and even fintechs.
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