U.S. notifies US companies to revoke licenses to work with Huawei

Despite being at the White House's exit door, Donald Trump remains committed to weakening Huawei, the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, by considering the company as a threat to American security.

PremiumSocial Networks: Censorship and self-regulation

The decision to suspend or ban Donald Trump from social media has brought a new reality that is far from consensual. Many government officials and academics remember that freedom of expression is a right, but the narrow line that separates hate speech and disinformation, and the power of the 'big tech', creates new challenges for democracy.

Whatsapp decides to postpone update of privacy policy that will allow sharing data with Facebook

"We will give more time for everyone to review our policy before May 15, 2021, the date when new business options will become available," said Whatsapp.

FC Barcelona account on TikTok helped club get closer to fans

For the sixth consecutive year, the Catalan club leads in 'likes', comments and shares.

PremiumFirst day of the main phase of the 5G auction generates more than 180 million euros

Bidding phase of the bands essential to 5G generates interest, despite the criticism of the 'players' to the regulator. Four rounds took place.

Google completes $ 2,1 billion acquisition of Fitbit

The companies obtained approval from the European Union's antitrust body in December 2021, after Google accepted the restrictions on how it will use customers' health data.
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