USA Elections Special 2020

How to mobilize digitally excluded populations for an election during a pandemic?

The pandemic and the restrictions on mobility not only threaten to motivate an abstention even greater than that usually registered in Portugal, but also hampered the access of populations with less presence on digital channels to the campaign that precedes this Sunday's election.

"Taking possession of history". The reaction of world leaders to the possession of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Israel, Portugal, Canada, India and France. No world leader wanted to stop congratulating the duo Joe Biden-Kamala Harris for taking possession of the United States and for returning to the Paris Agreement, which they left last year because of Donald Trump.

Schroders: Biden's social and environmental agenda could be cut in half to please Congress

Biden's main environmental and social proposals could be cut in half to be approved by a large majority in Congress. Although the House of Representatives and the Senate have a Democratic majority, the analyst at the consultancy Schroders believes that the support of Republicans in passing laws will be crucial to the new US president's term.

Biden sworn in for security reasons and without any disturbance

Security concerns on the day of the US power transition led to an apparatus never before seen in Washington, but also in state capitols across the country. The ceremony went on, however, without any unforeseen or disturbances.

Prime Minister: "We are ready to work with President Joe Biden"

António Costa intends to “strengthen the European Union-United States relations” and “reaffirm the relevance of NATO”.

Biden arrives at the White House. Watch the inauguration of the 46th American president

Democrat Joe Biden takes over the presidency of the United States on Wednesday. Watch the 46th American president take office.
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