Madeira: PS defends Regional School Mental Health Plan and more resources for educational establishments

In the view of the socialist deputy, this work must be done not only within the school, but must also involve health centers, SESARAM, other technicians and nurses in this specialty.

16% of Madeira's employed population say they worked from home

Of those who report having been telecommuting, 88% say that the main reason was due to the pandemic, while in the national territory the percentage rose to 91%.

Madeira Regional Government approves 84 euros in program contracts

There are three program contracts worth 60 thousand, 15 thousand and 9 thousand and 500 euros.

Madeira moves from best to second worst region in the country in the unemployment rate

In the second quarter the unemployment rate in Madeira was 6,7%, when the national average is 5,6%.

Madeira school year starts between 7 and 17 September

Nurseries, kindergartens, kindergartens and pre-school, will start the school year on September 7, and are scheduled to end on July 16. Basic education starts classes between 7 and 11 September, while the beginning of classes for high school will take place between 14 and 17 September.

Marcelo starts today a short vacation in Porto Santo

The Mayor of Porto Santo, will take advantage of the vacation of the President of the Republic, to present “three major concerns” to the President of the Republic, even if he does so informally. Air transport, maritime mobility and transfer of funds from the State Budget to the municipality are the issues that Idalino Vasconcelos wants to discuss with the head of state.
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