Today you don't trade on Wall Street: it's Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. left an important and intergenerational legacy in a country that suffers from social problems, such as racism. Eternalized by the speech “I have a dream”, this activist marked generations with the movement that defended racial equality.

Poorer countries have only received 25 vaccines against Covid-19. WHO warns of "moral catastrophe"

The official of the World Health Organization calls for countries with the largest “accumulated” quantities to share vaccines with COVAX so that the poorest nations can also start with vaccination among health professionals and the elderly. High demand and weak purchasing power have blocked access by countries with lower incomes to vaccines against Covid-19.

Von der Leyen condemns Navalny's detention and demands release

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Monday condemned the arrest of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny on Sunday when he arrived in Moscow, demanding his immediate release and "his security".

Trump prepares to grant 100 pardons on last day of term

The possibility of Trump granting pardons to himself, his children and even personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani after the Capitol riots on January 6, is on the table, although advisers close to the president guarantee the opposite.

"What bothers women is that they hold public office." Spanish Equality Minister supports # VermelhoemBelém

The minister showed her solidarity with the # VermelhoEmBelém movement in response to criticisms made by André Ventura to Marisa Matias.

U.S. notifies US companies to revoke licenses to work with Huawei

Despite being at the White House's exit door, Donald Trump remains committed to weakening Huawei, the largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, by considering the company as a threat to American security.
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