PremiumChina: what to expect from the “two sessions”

China's parliament and consultative assembly started the 2020 sessions, which had been postponed due to Covid-19. Pandemic, economic recovery, the first civil code and the fight against poverty are on the agenda.

Boris Johnson considers that advisor acted within the law and with integrity

"I think in all respects he acted responsibly, legally and with integrity," said Johnson during a press conference that took place at a time when his adviser's resignations are multiplying.

French government wants citizens to spend holidays in France

French President Emmanuel Macron had already said earlier this month that it was unlikely that the French would be able to make long trips during the summer holidays and that even trips within Europe would be limited in order to minimize the risk of a second wave of the new coronavirus.

US to ban travel with Brazil, says White House adviser

"I believe that we will have a new decision today on trips that involve Brazil, as we did with the United Kingdom, Europe and China, and we hope it will be temporary," said the official, speaking to CBS.

Benjamin Netanyahu considers “ridiculous” accusations of corruption

"I stand with my back and head up," said Netanyahu at the entrance to the Jerusalem court, where he considered the accusations of "corruption, abuse of trust and embezzlement" to be "ridiculous".

China available to help identify viruses without political interference

Wang Yi, quoted by France-Press (AFP), warned that cooperation "will have to refrain from political interference", accusing American politicians of "spreading rumors" to "stigmatize China".
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