Belarus. Amnesty International calls for investigation into violence against peaceful protesters

Amnesty International came to denounce the constant post-election violence on the part of the police in Belarus, arguing that "all forms of peaceful dissent are brutally repressed". The NGO thus calls for the immediate release of peaceful demonstrators and political activists.

From Uber to Airbnb: Wave of global solidarity on its way to Lebanon

In addition to the institutions that provide aid in disaster-stricken regions, countless private companies and personal donations are on their way to Beirut in an attempt to minimize the impact of last week's explosions.

Lebanese government to announce bloc resignation soon

The country's executive, affected by the explosions of 2.750 tons of ammonium nitrate stored six years ago in the port of his capital, is expected to resign en bloc, after days of street protests.

McDonald's sues former CEO for alleged sexual misconduct and false testimony

After being sidelined for having a relationship with an employee, Steve Easterbrook is now sued by the fast-food chain, which wants to recover the amounts paid to the ex-CEO upon his departure

USA elections: Democrats can win in Texas for the first time since 1976

Texas is among the states targeted by Joe Biden's $ 280 million ($ 238 million) advertising campaign, released last week.

Last chance for Trump? How the president's advisers prepare debates with Biden

“Joe Biden is actually very good at debates. You don’t have as many gaffes as in your daily interviews, ”said Jason Miller, one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers.
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