PremiumFuture arrived earlier and accelerated the digital transition

The six conferences of the JE / Huawei cycle made it possible to discuss the role of technology in the recovery of the economy and its potential in areas such as Education, Health, Industry, Sustainability and Media.

PremiumHolograms with virtual people on a real stage

Last conference of the cycle “A Step Into the Future”, promoted by JE and Huawei, joined OPART, Impresa and Everything is New.

How will technology change the industry? Watch the debate today on the Web Talk JE / Huawei Portugal

Álvaro Santos Pereira, former Minister of Economy and current director of the Department of National Studies of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), participates in the online conference that will debate the role of technology in the industry. Watch this Web Talk from 11am on JE's website and social networks.

PremiumTransition promises to bring efficiency and health gains to patients

Second conference of the “Step Into the Future” cycle, promoted by Jornal Económico and Huawei, brought together officials from SPMS, Luz Saúde, Champalimaud Research and Gulbenkian Institute for Science.

PremiumNew technologies are a tool for education

The 'smart campus' is already a reality and teaching tends to be increasingly interactive, but the student-teacher relationship will continue to be fundamental.

What response must be given to the European crisis? European Council conclusions being debated on Monday

What amount of the recovery fund? What are the challenges of the financing model? How can we agree on how to distribute the funds to the Member States that need it most? These are some of the questions that will be answered at this International Affairs Network conference and which has JE as a media partner.
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