Europe's future to be debated on Monday

Ana Gomes, Isabel Meireles, Pedro Madeira Froufe and Daniela Guimarães will debate the future of the European project, given the current moment of uncertainty.

PremiumViseu is proud of the “ecosystem that the region has managed to fix”

Presidents of the Chamber and of the Polytechnic Institute highlight the importance of digital highways for the success of a city in “forgotten territory”.

Investment in digitalisation is fundamental for Viseu

The city of the interior (but not much) was able to understand that the reduction of distances allowed by new technologies was an opportunity that must be maintained as a regional asset that breaks the geographic isolation itself.

“Resilience and innovation” are the key to the success of the Viseu region

The spread of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship has been a central concern of the association that, on the ground, in Viseu, tries to keep the region standing.

President of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu: “80% of the country is forgotten territory”

The Portugal Inteiro Conferences, from Altice in partnership with JE, parked in Viseu, a city that is waiting for Lisbon to remember it. Almeida Henriques, president of the municipality, and Sá Paiva, president of the local institute, converge on the complaint.

Daniel Proença de Carvalho: "It is evident that there is promiscuity between certain sectors of justice with some media"

“There should be fines for anyone who violated the secrecy of justice, regardless of how the information was obtained,” said the former president of Uría Menéndez-Proença de Carvalho, who argued that “media coverage” of Justice is a cause for the degradation of justice. confidence that the Portuguese place in this function of the State.
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