Economic Journal Style Manual

A guide for our journalists and an exercise in transparency towards readers

Jornal Económico was born in September 2016, as an evolution of the OJE newspaper, whose team was reinforced by several dozen professionals from other media, including the now defunct “Diário Económico”. The legacy of these publications with a long tradition in the Portuguese economic press is part of our DNA, as well as the principles and values ​​necessary for us to do independent and quality journalism.

Today, our newspaper is much more than a weekly. We are a multiplatform publication specialized in economic and financial information, whose target audiences are investors, entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, university students and all readers who are interested in topics of economics. We have a weekly edition premium (on paper and digital), an free online daily edition, a multimedia platform (JE TV), several satellite sites (Economy Madeira, Economy Cape Verde, Save, Start Up Magazine, Energy & Environment, JE China e International Education) and a diversified offer of newsletters. We are a newspaper with a physical edition, but it was born with a post-paper strategy.

We believe that the success of this project will depend on the credibility of Jornal Económico as a means of information. Only in this way will we be able to retain our readers, creating conditions for the monetization of our content, attracting advertising investment and generating new sources of revenue, ensuring the economic and financial sustainability of the project. Credibility is, moreover, fundamental for us to be able to differentiate ourselves in a market that is disputed by several specialized means, in addition to generalists who also offer content in the economic area. This differentiation has been made by avoiding sensationalism and bias (ideological or otherwise) in the editorial line, as well as seeking to meet the effective needs of our readers, offering them what they do not find in our competition.

Credibility is built with respect for the deontological principles of journalism (independence, exemption and rigor) and with a chinese wall between the editorial and commercial areas. Ideally, a newspaper can have many advertisers and partners, but the “end customer” must always be the reader. Only then will the public interest be defended and our product will have value, including for the advertisers and partners themselves. It is this perspective of public service and value creation, over time and in a sustained manner, that has guided this project since its inception.

This User manual aims to summarize our editorial positioning, organizational principles and values, as well as clarify stylistic aspects that must be followed by the Jornal Económico newsroom. We hope that it will be particularly useful for journalists who join our team, as well as anyone interested in these topics.

It is also an exercise in transparency before our readers, partners and other stakeholders. Transparency that we consider fundamental, since quality journalism is not limited to scrutinizing the different powers of society, but must itself be available to be scrutinized.

Access here the JE Style Manual, in pdf version. This guide will be in permanent discussion and construction, being updated regularly.


Lisbon, 19 July 2019,

The Director of O Jornal Económico,

Filipe Alves