Editorial Statute Jornal Económico

The Economic Journal is a newspaper specialized in economics, public policy, finance and business, without neglecting other topics that correspond to the motivations and interests of a plural audience.

The Economic Journal it is a free newspaper independent of any political, economic, religious or corporate powers, guided by principles of rigor, impartiality and journalistic quality, in order to contribute to an informed and interventional public opinion.

The Economic Journal believes in quality economic journalism that is responsible only to its readers, which will be more valuable the more independent, impartial, credible and rigorous it can be.

The Economic Journal believes in the primacy of the human person, in representative democracy and in the defense of the public interest, in the context of an open society, where each citizen has freedom of choice and initiative and can improve their condition based on merit.

The Economic Journal seeks to be in tune with the technological transformation underway in the media, insofar as new technologies allow it to better serve its readers and viewers.

The Economic Journal believes in the importance of innovation and free competition, rejecting all forms of monopoly and other distortions of competition.