JE Code of Ethics

Jornal Económico professionals are required to follow a set of rules of conduct, in addition to those provided for in the Code of Ethics for Journalists. Are the following:


1. Work with independence, impartiality and rigor, searching for the truth, listening to all the parties responsible and confirming the facts before reporting them.


2. Assume the errors and make their immediate correction to the readers in a transparent manner.


3. Look for balance and avoid bias, making a clear distinction between opinion and news.


4. Refrain from writing about people, events or subjects that involve you or those close to you, informing the newspaper's management of any conflicts of interest that may exist.


5. Protect sources, except in situations provided for in the Journalists' Code of Ethics.


6. Avoid the use of anonymous sources, except in situations where they are essential to access the information. In these cases, the journalist assumes responsibility for the information he publishes, for all purposes, namely judicial and / or criminal.


7. Avoid sensationalism.


8. Refuse any cash payments from any entities that are interested, directly or indirectly, in the news you write. Gifts, giveaways and other offers of goods and services worth more than 100 euros can only be received by journalists with the permission of the newspaper's management, if the limits of common sense are respected and do not jeopardize the professional's independence and exemption concerned, as well as the good name of Jornal Económico.


9. Assume authorship of all your works and do not plagiarize or take ownership of the works of others.


10. In order to avoid conflicts of interest, do not invest in shares or debt securities of Portuguese issuing entities, unless they are part of investment funds subscribed by you. In situations where such an investment already exists, the journalist must inform the Board and refrain from any journalistic coverage that directly or indirectly affects the entities issuing these titles.


11. Keep secrecy, under the terms of the law, on any confidential information about the internal life of Jornal Económico that concerns planned or ongoing journalistic works.


12. Respect colleagues, sources and all external persons and entities with whom Jornal Económico relates, acting with education, urbanity and common sense.