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JE editors of the Megafin group, is a team dedicated to communicating brands in an effective and differentiated way. We bet on a variety of communication formats for all types of readers.

Without saving efforts, we will design your brand with fully customized articles, videos, infographics, web conferences, podcasts, among others. We want to surprise every customer with innovative branded content and native advertising, to create “engagement”, retain audiences and win others.

Through the social networks and newsletters of Jornal Económico, we increased the notoriety of this content. We work according to each project, adding to the informative rigor of Jornal Económico the effectiveness of creativity.


Granola Senses: caring for the body in a simple way through food

The Simplus product received an honorable mention from the jury in the Product Innovation category at the Food & Nutrition Awards. Get to know this project better.

Cardiovascular diseases: responsible for more than 30% of deaths

The Center for the Study of Chronic Diseases received an honorable mention in the category of Research and Development at the FNA with the Poli4Hiper project. Get to know better.

Food Allergy: it is urgent to educate about this problem

The FAC educational and research project received an honorable mention in the Food Education category at the Food & Nutrition Awards. Get to know this program better.

Sustainability: the sharing of good practices has a great impact

The winner of the Food Sustainability award in this 10th edition of the FNA was the Technical Institute for Human Food, with the ITAU + SUSTAINABLE project. Get to know better.

Hybrid Cloud offers agility and autonomous operations for IT organizations

The Hybrid Cloud is already the choice of choice for many organizations. The plurality of cloud environments guarantees benefits in cost and agility, but there are challenges that may require greater consideration by companies.

Edible Portuguese microalgae distinguished as “Product Innovation”

Research and development are “the backbone” of Allmicroalgae, the Portuguese company that created and placed on the market a unique edible microalgae that earned it the distinction of “Product Innovation” at the Food & Nutrition Awards.
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