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JE editors of the Megafin group, is a team dedicated to communicating brands in an effective and differentiated way. We bet on a variety of communication formats for all types of readers.

Without saving efforts, we will design your brand with fully customized articles, videos, infographics, web conferences, podcasts, among others. We want to surprise every customer with innovative branded content and native advertising, to create “engagement”, retain audiences and win others.

Through the social networks and newsletters of Jornal Económico, we increased the notoriety of this content. We work according to each project, adding to the informative rigor of Jornal Económico the effectiveness of creativity.


JE editors Talks: “Safer - Risk Management”

Understand how companies and the insurance industry are dealing with the risk management challenges that technological innovation entails, in a JE editors Talk, live on May 28, at 15 pm.

JE editors Talks: “Fintech and the Future of Money”

Fintech are here to stay and are structurally changing the way we handle our money. Find out everything in this JE editors Talks, May 28th, at 17pm.

JE editors Talk: “Future of the Work Environment”

A conversation about the future of our work - where, how and when we do it - and how the innovation imposed by the pandemic will shape our careers, live on May 29, at 15pm.

Now review the Webinar: The economics of social detachment

The vast majority of business groups will suffer very significant impacts on their results in 2020. A subject that is discussed by the specialists present in this webinar.

JE editors Talks: “Digital economy: opportunities and challenges in the teaching of Law”

A conversation about the future of law education in a post-pandemic context - the benefits of blended learning and the opportunity for innovation and globalization - to watch on May 27, at 15pm.

WEBINAR: The future of the European Union

The future of the European Union and the expectations and challenges that are being discussed, in a live webinar that you can watch on May 25th.
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