Last chance for Trump? How the president's advisers prepare debates with Biden

“Joe Biden is actually very good at debates. You don’t have as many gaffes as in your daily interviews, ”said Jason Miller, one of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers.

From “dreamers” to the controversial wall: Trump and Biden's different perspectives on immigration

From the restrictions on emigrants due to the coronavirus, to the wall on the border with Mexico, the different perspectives of the two candidates for the White House are clear

Novo Banco: Marcelo does not comment on sale of insurance company with 70% discount and says he will wait for the audit

The Head of State said that he will wait for the audit of the bank's management led by António Ramalho, requested by the Government from Deloitte, and that the consequences of Novo Banco's ruinous businesses can only be determined after the results of the audit are known.

Portuguese stock exchange accompanies Europe at a slight high. Gains greater than 5% of CTT boost PSI 20

Investors are optimistic after U.S. President Donald Trump decided to sign four decrees to partially renew the stimulus package for the US economy and workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Madeira: Regional Government forecasts 40% growth in aquaculture

The goal is to close the year 2020 with a production of 1.500 tons.

Catarina Martins resigns from the Board of Directors of the Resolution Fund and from the management of Novo Banco

The proposal by the leader of Bloco de Esquerda comes after the newspaper “Público” reported that Novo Banco sold the insurance company GNB Vida with a 70% discount to a manager convicted of corruption. Catarina Martins recalls that the State has a stake in Novo Banco and “cannot stand by and watch the assault happen”.
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