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PremiumMessageHub already sends half a million monthly messages worldwide

Nearsoft wants to bet on digital marketing to grow its bulk text messaging service. Ambition involves finding customers among small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. And increase product internationalization.
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Premium“The fact that women have less access to management positions causes a salary gap”

Socialist deputy in the Legislative Assembly of Madeira points the finger at the PSD for blocking parity in the regional elections. And he argues that quotas make sense until society evolves to be more egalitarian and more just.

PremiumMadeira invests 20 million euros to support local productions

Maintenance of funds from the POSEI community program, combined with the Regional Budget, reverted to the agricultural ranks of the region, but also to the marketing and production of wine, bananas and sugar cane.

Madeira prohibits circulation on 9,10,16 and 17 January from 18:00 pm to 05:00 am. Trade closes at 17 pm

Restaurants / bars and the like must close at 17 on 00 and 9,10 and 16 January.

Madeira says proposal to change Free Zone rules "is absurd"

The President of the Government of Madeira stated that "this idea of ​​destroying what is ours to favor foreign competitors is perfectly absurd and ridiculous", indicating that talks are taking place with the government and with national authorities in order to guarantee the continuity of the IBC.

Covid-19: More than half of the cases in Madeira in 2020 diagnosed in December

Taking into account the daily bulletins of the Regional Secretariat for Health and Civil Protection, it is possible to conclude that in December alone, 967 cases of infection with the new coronavirus were registered in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, which represents 54,9% of the total verified throughout the year (1.760).

Quick Answers: find out what are the new measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in Madeira

Among the measures that come into force in Madeira is the limitation of circulation on the public road between 23 pm and 00 am. Tests will be carried out on covid-05 in schools, and more restrictions will be applied to the opening hours of bars and restaurants.

1.015 vaccines against covid-19 have already been administered in Madeira

Of the total vaccines administered in the region against covid-19, 965 were for health service professionals in the region and 50 for Residential Structures for the Elderly (29 in elderly users and 21 in professionals).

APCINM warns that legislative changes could put 6.000 jobs in the Free Zone at risk

The Free Trade Zone Professionals Association warns of a possible flight of companies from the Free Trade Zone, starting in March, if the changes proposed by the Republic, in terms of tax benefits move forward.

Around 40% of accommodation in Madeira had guests in November

Between January and November 2020, overnight stays in tourist accommodation in Madeira registered a decrease of 66,1% compared to the same period of the previous year, reaching around 2,6 million, while total and room income fell by 68,2% and 68,3 , XNUMX%.

Pandemic led to a fall of 14,8% in regional economic activity between March and November 2020

Statistics Portugal, revealed this Friday, revealed that in the Portuguese regions as a whole, economic activity fell significantly. Algarve Madeira and Área Metropolitana de Lisbao saw economic activity drop more than the national average. Greater falls occurred in accommodation activities and artistic, sporting and recreational activities.

Find out what commissions you have to pay on home loans

The commissions must appear on the FINE - European Standardized Information Sheet. This must be delivered to the consumer whenever a credit simulation is made. We advise all consumers to review this form before taking out the credit.

The challenges of hospitality in 2021

The tourism scenario in the region - in which concerns such as the reduction of some important air routes in Europe, reservations with little advance, the ignorance of the consumer profile and direct competition in strategic markets - will continue to force in 2021 the Savoy Signature to explore new ways to promote its tourism products, taking advantage, above all, of the digital acceleration to reduce the impacts of the pandemic.

Have you taken out a mortgage loan? Do you know what the APR is?

As with other credit products, the provision of mortgage loans comprises a portion of capital amortization and a portion for credit charges, namely the payment of interest. In contracting this credit, in addition to the spread, the consumer must negotiate with the bank the fixed or variable rate modality.

The biggest challenges facing ICT in 2021

After all, being a software company has its advantages, since we can develop answers to the challenges that arise. In our case, we took the popular Blockchain and decided to use it to prove the authenticity of documents and processes.
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