PSI-20 rises 1,4% in June but is below the value registered last year

EDP ​​(12,71%), Galp (11,98%) and EDP Renováveis ​​(11,07%) were the most representative issuers in the index, according to the CMVM analysis.

In June, the PSI-20 index closed at 4.390,25 points, 1,4% more than in May and 14,5% less than in the same period in 2019, according to data from the Securities Market Commission (CMVM). EDP ​​(12,71%), Galp (11,98%) and EDP Renováveis ​​(11,07%) were the issuers with the largest share in the index, according to this analysis.

The CMVM adds that the index's volatility was 22,12%, below the 25,66% set in the previous month and above the 13,26% recorded in the same period last year.

The market capitalization of Euronext Lisbon totaled 212.742,2 million euros, 5.581,0 million less (or 2,6%) than in the previous month and 2,5% more than in the same period, reveals the financial market regulator.

The share segment of the regulated market increased 0,7% to 61.024,9 million euros and the bond segment decreased 3,5% to 148.683,6 million euros.

The value of transactions carried out in the secondary cash market totaled 2.678,3 million euros, 119,3 million (4,7%) more than in May and 493,3 million (22,6%) more than in June 2019. 2.678,0. At Euronext Lisbon, the volume of transactions stood at 6,1 million euros, representing a monthly increase of 27,9% and a year-on-year increase of XNUMX%.

In the public debt market, that is, in MTS Portugal, the volume traded on debt securities totaled 5.226,0 million euros in June, which represents a monthly increase of 20,9%, with transactions on Treasury Bonds decreasing 19,3% and on Treasury Bills increasing 61%.

The value under management of collective investment undertakings in securities and alternative investment funds rose 1,5% in May compared to April, to 12.287,7 million euros.

In real estate investment funds and special real estate investment funds, the amount decreased 0,3% to 10.442,7 million euros, according to CMVM data.

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