"30 to 3". Montepio Crédito debates economic challenge of the automotive retail

This Monday, the 25th, at 11 am, "30 to 3" devotes special attention to the Automotive Retail sector. In a conversation moderated by the deputy director of Jornal Económico, Shikresh Laxmidas, Pedro Gouveia Alves, president of Montepio Crédito discusses this topic with industry players.

Cristina Bernardo

In a partnership that aims to promote public debate and clarification on the major issues that are decisive for the future of Portugal, the “30 to 3” returns this Monday, the 25th, at 11 am, with special attention from the Automotive Retail sector.

In this edition, they will be chatting, moderated by the deputy director of Jornal Económico, Shikresh Laxmidas, Pedro Gouveia Alves, president of Montepio Crédito debates the future of the sector with the president of APDCA - Associação Portuguesa do Comércio Automóvel, António Coutinho, executive president of the group M. Coutinho, Nuno Grosa, chairman of the board of directors of Benecar and Armando Cardoso, automotive commercial director of MC.

This web conference addresses the resumption of the automotive retail market in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The web conference will have an approximate duration of 50 minutes and will be broadcast live on Montepio Crédito's Facebook and on the “Jornal Económico” social networks.

This conversation is part of the “30 to 3” project, the cycle of six meetings that Montepio Crédito held in 2019 in partnership with Jornal Económico, and which was attended by António Saraiva, president of CIP, Francisco Calheiros, president from CTP, Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar, MEP, António Bernardo, president of Roland Berger Portugal, and José Theotónio, CEO of Grupo Pestana.


António Costa leaves The Hague “more confident” in an agreement at the European Council

Prime Minister António Costa said today that he would leave The Hague "more confident" in an agreement at this week's European Council on the European recovery plan, because he also felt "clearly" in his Dutch counterpart "a great will" in a compromise.

Merkel expresses uncertainty about approval of recovery plan at European summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel today expressed uncertainty over the possibility of an agreement between the 27 countries of the European Union (EU) on a proposed € 750 billion recovery plan to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

Covid-19: Supplementary Budget of Madeira with an increase of 287,7 million euros and without tax increase

The proposal for the Supplementary Budget for Madeira adds 287,7 million euros to the amount approved for 2020, from 1.743 million euros to 2.030 million, said today the vice president of the Regional Government, stressing that there will be no tax increase.