André Cabrita-Mendes

"April and June still do not reflect the improvement in economic activity", says Ministry of Finance

Deficit in the second quarter reached 10,5% of GDP "influenced by the effect of the measures adopted under the state of emergency enacted on March 18," said João Leão's tutelage today.
Inês de Medeiros

Inês de Medeiros: "Almada has this privilege of having social neighborhoods in absolutely wonderful spaces with an enviable view"

“What privilege is this? Homes without conditions, and 8.000 people without a home. That is the housing policy in Almada ”, the Chão das Lutas association reacted to the mayor's statements about the yellow neighborhood in Monte da Caparica. Joana Mortágua criticizes statements made by the mayor to justify the “approval of a five-star hotel in Porto Brandão”.

Portugal and Holland today signed a memorandum for green hydrogen

The goal is to produce green hydrogen in Portugal in Sines and then export it to the Netherlands for use in industry.

Covid-19 patients receive 100% sickness starting in October

Despite being paid only from October, the 100% reduction has retroactive effects to July 25th.

Portuguese public debt to reach new record at the end of 2020

The Government expects public debt to reach 268 billion euros at the end of this year, weighing 133% of GDP. Within a year, public debt has grown by almost 20 billion.

Lisbon Stock Exchange on positive ground with EDP leading gains

Outside, several of the main European markets continue to appreciate: Paris gains 0,92%, Frankfurt gains 1,01 euros, and Madrid rises 0,82%.
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