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PS President warns that TAP will be nationalized tomorrow, if there is no agreement today

Carlos César argues that the shareholder State must strengthen its position in the company "both in management and in capital". But if an agreement is not reached, he argues that the Government should move towards the nationalization of the airline.
TAP Portugal

How much is TAP worth to national GDP? Contribution was 3,5 billion in 2018

In 2018, the revenue generated by the company and the revenue from passenger tourism transported by TAP, together with indirect impacts, reached a value that was equivalent to 1,7% of the GDP recorded in that year.

875 thousand people crossed borders between Portugal and Spain during closure

As of today, SEF inspectors and GNR military personnel will carry out random and temporary mobile checks on passenger vehicles, motorhomes and light vehicles, on the borders of Valença, Quintanilha, Vilar Formoso, Caia and Castro Marim.

Costa: “Today will be the solution day for TAP”. PM believes in agreement with private shareholders

The prime minister hopes to reach an agreement with private shareholders, but said that, if "necessary", the state is prepared to impose itself.

Greater Lisbon continues with tight rules, although a new phase of deflation comes into force today for the rest of the country

Most of mainland Portugal today goes on alert, with greater Lisbon remaining in a state of contingency and 19 parishes in the capital region remaining in a state of calamity due to the surge in the number of cases caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. .

Lisbon is the most sought after European city by tourists

Flight sales in the European Union fell 94% in May. The market saw a slight improvement in the first half of June, with the destination leading the flight sales.
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