Agostinho Lopes, Member of the PCP Central Committee

It's a negotiation, a negotiation, a negotiation ...

Apparently, a ranch of media commentators does not want to know if the OE2021 responds or not to the problems that the country is experiencing. Just as the negotiations of the left parties with the PS Government take place.

All brothers

The award of the Nobel Peace Prize 2020 to the United Nations Food Program will have nothing to do with the fact that two thousand billionaires in 2019 have more wealth than 60% of the world population ?!

There was no need

The boldness of the US diplomat's recent diplomatic aggression in Portugal regarding Portugal's relations with China is far from Carlucci's line.

Wages come next

Expresso's "Altos e Baixo" (05SET20) placed the CGTP Secretary-General in the "Low" because CGTP scheduled for September 26 a day of struggle with the motto "Increase salaries! Develop the country ”.

The mystery of Manuel Pinho's batteries and hydrogen

The Government does not listen to anyone. And he is even very irritated with those who dare to substantially contest the miraculous salvation of the country through gas.

Space and time

Nothing is truly new in the brutal and lying campaign against the Avante! Except for the starting point, Covid's instrumentalization as a vector for renewing attacks on the Party.
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