Laura león

Funchal Chamber invests 24 thousand euros in the requalification of the Visconde Cagongo School

These are works carried out exclusively with internal means of the Municipality and aim to replace the floor of the entrance of the school from rolled stone to screed, in order to make the floor safer, since on rainy days it was very slippery

Funchal City Council modernizes the Occupational Health Unit to serve all employees

The reinstallation of the Unit, based on a complete modernization of the facilities, aims to create conditions that enhance a much more efficient work, allowing, in particular, that the periodic medical examinations of the workers take place in the new space.

PremiumParties ask for more European funds for Madeira and Azores

Parties with a seat in the Madeira Assembly consider that an additional 35 million euros of community funds do not meet needs.

PremiumSavoy registers reserves increase in August

The administrator Bruno Freitas reveals that the reopening of Madeira Airport was decisive in the resumption of the destination's tourist activity.

PremiumPS defends lower taxes across the board, focusing on VAT

Taxes are to be lowered, defends Paulo Cafôfo, president of PS Madeira.

Madeira: PS defends Regional School Mental Health Plan and more resources for educational establishments

In the view of the socialist deputy, this work must be done not only within the school, but must also involve health centers, SESARAM, other technicians and nurses in this specialty.
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