Laura león

PS-Madeira demands urgent rehabilitation of the school in Água de Pena

Through a request submitted to the Legislative Assembly of Madeira, PS Madeira requests clarification from the regional secretary for Equipment and Infrastructure, Pedro Fino, regarding the state of conservation of the educational establishment.

Madeira creates network of Blue Schools in the Region

Bringing young people closer to the sea, developing citizenship and literacy from the sea from schools, instilling greater awareness of the importance of preserving the oceans, are part of this national educational project that the Region now adheres to, through the Regional Secretariat for Sea and Fisheries.

Researchers from the University of Madeira and the Regional Health Service win the Pfizer award from the Portuguese Society of Pulmonology

The distinction was for the best article published in an indexed magazine in 2019, with research work in the area of ​​respiratory diseases.

PremiumLack of loan guarantee from Lisbon costs 84 million

República denied endorsement of a bond loan of 458 million euros negotiated with the bank, in a decision that the regional government does not understand.

PremiumArtist Diogo Goes paints “Gavião do Ilhéu”

Over the past few weeks, the artist has been developing two other mural paintings in schools in the municipality of Câmara de Lobos.

PremiumChef Raul Ferreira presents Autumn / Winter menu at an exclusive dinner at Saccharum

The tasting menu stands out for its commitment to comfort food and authentic flavors, providing an experience rich in aromas and textures, in harmony with special wines.
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