Rita Garcia Pereira, Lawyer

A Portuguese House, for sure!

Portugal is a T0 that, seen up close, has too much dirt and does not need further explanation. All of this is typically Portuguese and justice is no exception. And everything is perpetuated. Even the protagonists.

On the right side ...

The question is not whether it will go well. It is knowing what we can all do to make it go better. May 2021 come not only with hope but with achievements and on the right side. We can no longer afford to have less.

Unhappy people with tears

I do not deny that TAP needs restructuring, analyzing routes and even reducing its structure. But contrary to what was announced, I would start at the top, for those who allow mistakes to happen.

"The Egg of the Serpent"

For those who reveal small dictatorial tics, aiming only at coming to power, it is important to mention that the seal of complicity will beat them, even when at first they may think they are winning the war.

The (current) state of resistance

I know that I am almost alone in my perplexity, between those who uncritically fulfill what is determined, even if unconstitutional, and those who ignore all recommendations. Sometimes the biggest emergency is knowing how to resist.

The gang of five: the CPAS saga

The CPAS issue is no longer what we can do for others. It became what we can do for ourselves. For each one of us.
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