Rita Garcia Pereira, Lawyer

Our confinement budget

The mountain gave birth to a rat. I am not even referring to the increase in the minimum wage, because it will be insufficient to cover the increase in fees and taxes that will come. And they will come.

Nausea ...

If the inertia of those who should represent us does not have the ability to be innovative, the brazenness with which they abandon their peers causes me nausea.

The Great Ramalho and (too) limited company…

Still in the return phase, I express my solidarity with Clara Sotto Mayor regarding the unusual disciplinary process brought to her by a comment on a social network

A strange (not so) new world

The last novelty is to ask us to register personal information in an application, under the justification that it aims to prevent contagious situations. When all this is over what will they do to what they have stored?

Rita in the so-called wonderland

As in all summers, I will head to Porto Santo, a treasure still unknown by many and that has been neglected by successive officials, being practically dependent on a tourism that, as we now see and it was evident, may fail.

Jesus Superstar or the crisis of several generations

Audacity should not be confused with non-compliance, and the true winners are, despite constraints and always with respect for their own word.
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