Rita Garcia Pereira, Lawyer

Rita in the so-called wonderland

As in all summers, I will head to Porto Santo, a treasure still unknown by many and that has been neglected by successive officials, being practically dependent on a tourism that, as we now see and it was evident, may fail.

Jesus Superstar or the crisis of several generations

Audacity should not be confused with non-compliance, and the true winners are, despite constraints and always with respect for their own word.

Not TAP (air) the eyes because “they” continue to move

"Ending corruption is the ultimate goal of those who have not yet come to power."

Death took to the street ...

We continue to witness mass redundancies with an undaunted air, even when it is known that workers are paying a bill for what they did not do.

'Apocalypse now'

Rather than walking around discussing Centeno's future, I prefer to think of those who, being in a precarious situation until the pandemic, were in an apocalyptic situation after confinement.

“Eyes wide shut”

To the closed eyes of the moments of panic, I answer that I think the danger is faced with them open. Although the truth is hard.
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