Alexandre Meireles, President of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs

Political commitments to halt the crisis

Portugal needs to know how to generate political consensus in the main areas of budget management. The situation in the country does not allow insatiable differences.

From the crisis to the digital transition

Many of the jobs created in recent years are being lost, particularly in the tourism sector, one of the most affected by the pandemic. These are, to a large extent, precarious and low-skilled jobs, therefore more vulnerable to fluctuations in the economic environment.

Preparing the State for the EU “bazooka”

In order not to repeat mistakes, it is essential to proceed with the simplification of the application, evaluation and project execution processes under the new Community programs.

Finally the “good bank”?

Equally or more important than the available capital is the strategy to invest it, in order to guarantee a positive impact on the treasury, investment and competitiveness of companies.

What to do with the 'EuroMillions'?

We need to create critical mass in order to implement efficiently, quickly and with quality the funds from the European Recovery Fund and the new Multiannual Financial Framework.

Window of opportunity for the IDE

The global competition for capital and talent is going to be hot. Portugal needs a smart strategy to attract investment that is truly 'game-changer'.
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