Alexandre Meireles, President of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs

Preserving the special relationship with the United Kingdom

The Portuguese presidency of the Council of the EU can even be an opportunity for our country to lead a process of deepening the trade agreement now reached with the United Kingdom.

2021: between uncertainty and hope

However, many uncertainties are accompanied by great hope. If the vaccination process goes as desired and group immunity is achieved between spring and summer, the 2nd semester of 2021 may already be showing strong economic growth in Portugal.

Improving wages without penalizing SMEs

I believe it is important to complement this compensation for the rise of the SMN with incentives to increase productivity and competitiveness, two indicators with which the wage issue is directly related.

Resist until spring

The Government's option for temporary measures is legitimate and prudent. But I believe it is possible, and desirable, to give greater scope to incentives to business activity. For exceptional moments, exceptional measures are also required.

There is no alternative to public support

What is saved today in supporting companies will be spent tomorrow on unemployment benefits, social benefits, funds to balance Social Security and credit recovery processes.

Health vs. economy

Many companies have bet on innovation and the development of new products, but they are still fragile. It is therefore important to create a new framework of support and incentives so that the end of the second wave is, in fact, the beginning of the recovery.
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