Alexandre Meireles, President of ANJE - National Association of Young Entrepreneurs

Innovation: stronger but still uncoordinated

A national strategy for innovation is urgently needed to identify what can give the best results for both the scientific community and the business community.

Export priority

When the creation of a true development bank is announced again, among the primary functions of the institution should be the promotion of the internationalization of the economy.

Continue to believe in tourism

Regardless of the overweight of tourism in our economic structure, it is important to continue to invest in this activity in Portugal. We have, in fact, a quality tourist offer, competitive and differentiated in the international context.

Banking: partner or competitor of companies?

It is important to evaluate the investor no longer just by what it sets in terms of capitalization, but mainly by the strength of his business ideas.

What savings during deflation?

The country has to be pragmatic. First, it is necessary to save companies and jobs and only then to start building an economy anchored in the digital and energy transition.

Return to national production

This is an opportunity for Europe and Portugal to reinforce their productive capacity and enhance their products, within the framework of the single market and on a global scale.
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