André Barata, Philosopher, University of Beira Interior

Think and act against hatred of others

Values ​​and truth are separated, as if they were different worlds - from reality you can say what comes to mind and find a way, even if the Earth is flat, but from the values ​​there of anyone who dares to raise a question . There was a time when we said that this was fundamentalism and we fought it.

Bernard-Henri Lévy, Covid and our anxieties

At the end of the summer and long vacations, the service of working parents and the beginning of the school year resumed, we feel that the anguishing shadow of the anomalous daily life of the last half year and the uncertainty about the very near future return.

The hymn that our children sing

The lyrics of the national anthem express values ​​and imagination that are no longer those of our time, and that contradict other values ​​and imagination that we have in the Constitution and that, in one way or another, we endeavor to transmit to the generations that follow us.

What if we looked at the question first?

Is Chega a far-right party or is it simply a radical right-wing party from the New Right?

Populism and the big problem upstream

The way of life in effort that imposed itself in our era is fundamentally wrong and if it is not changed, and we conform to the resentment of enduring it, it is good that we prepare ourselves for the corrosion of the values ​​of democracy, autonomy and emancipation.

The political lack of definition

Democracy needs to be suspicious, but if it requires some to confine itself more, then it is not doing well. Inclusion is the golden rule of democracy.
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