André Barata, Philosopher, University of Beira Interior

The political lack of definition

Democracy needs to be suspicious, but if it requires some to confine itself more, then it is not doing well. Inclusion is the golden rule of democracy.

Sovereigns of time (10)

It is fundamental to give space and time to time, so that it can happen without previous impositions and pre-established directions. A time policy should not go back to the first obstacle.

Sovereigns of time (9)

We are facing a colossal progress, and still little noticed, of the installation of the conditions for a political dystopia.

Sovereigns of time (8)

Thomas Piketty was the author who most brilliantly demonstrated the determining weight of the inheritance of economic resources in reproducing inequalities.

Sovereigns of time (7)

Humanizing humanity is the only possibility that remains for us not to irrevocably lose the protagonism and sovereignty of our collective history.

Sovereigns of time (6)

In our gradual return, we need to incorporate the “slow man” who refuses the inevitability of abandoning his own places to the external and accelerated monotemporality of capitalism in the global and total market economy.
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