André Rubim Rangel, Professor and Journalist

Navigating the vastness of the internet

In the internet universe, there are more opportunities in the cyber world than the risks and challenges, especially when it comes to the direct link with journalism.

The distressed UN brilliant wedding

In a study carried out, many citizens of the world see the UN as fundamental to face current challenges, demanding that it be “more inclusive, transparent, responsible and effective”.

Development, boredom and / or portent?

What development is this in which “the number of disappearances grows prodigiously, without being compensated for by the appearances” of living species?

From old age to death: crazy luck?

We are a very aged country, not only in its substantial fabric, people, but also in the perception and management of how to deal with this growing reality.

Washed thoughts, full of feelings ...

May we have the wisdom to discover the good and the strength to make it last. And that good, with its cure, only fits into a universal, common and transversal law: restricted to the power of love. In addition, each nation has its own laws, and sometimes they are so divergent.

Racism: stop being there, stop talking

As Morgan Freeman says, racism will only be extinguished when we stop talking about it and never treat ourselves as 'white', 'black', 'yellow', whatever ...
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